What Reading Level Are The American Girl Books? (TOP 5 Tips)

Books for readers who are at least five years old

What age group are the American Girl books for?

Generally speaking, the characters were older, ranging in age from ten to fourteen, and the novels were promoted as being for readers aged 10 and up. Many of the authors from this series went on to write for the Central Series after they finished writing for this series. Several novels from the series were later re-released in digital form by Open Road Integrated Media, who also published the original print editions.

What grade is Level 3 I can read books?

Early first grade to mid-second grade are the target ages for Level 3. Level 4 is appropriate for students in the late second to mid-third grades.

What reading level are the Dear America books?

Dear America is a series of historical fiction novels aimed towards girls between the ages of eight and fourteen. It is written in the style of a journal of the life of a young lady during a significant event or period in the history of the United States.

What level are Wellie wisher books?

Probably best suited for children aged 7 and younger.

How many Kit Kittredge books are there?

This is taken from the back cover. Including all six of Kit’s wonderfully drawn books, which are filled with her inspiring anecdotes of growing up in 1934, this souvenir boxed set is a wonderful keepsake.

Is there an American Girl magazine?

Print edition of American Girl magazine “You’re fantastic just the way you are!” says the teacher. That’s the message American GirlĀ® magazine sends to over 450,000 girls every other month through its magazine subscription service. In each issue of American Girl, you’ll find award-winning fiction and nonfiction, as well as games, crafts, and party planning ideas.

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What was the first American Girl book?

Take a look at Kirsten (American Girl: Kirsten, 1854) The paperback edition was released on March 1, 1988. At the end of a lengthy sea trip, Kirsten Larson and her family arrive in the United States in 1854.

What is DK Reader Level 3?

In the Level 3 books, which are intended for youngsters who can read independently, the language structure is more sophisticated and there is greater information. These books, which have an average length of 2,400 to 2,800 words, have a 50/50 picture-to-text ratio.

What is a Level 4 Reader?

Level 4 books are intended for youngsters who are well on their way to becoming book enthusiasts and who are capable of reading on their own. Dinosaur Hunter and First Flight, among other historical fiction titles, are included in this level, which also includes works about adventure and suspense. The tales are the most advanced of all of the I Can Read! levels, making them the most difficult.

Are Dear America books real?

Level 4 books are intended for youngsters who are well on their way to becoming book enthusiasts and who are capable of reading on their own without adult assistance. Dinosaur Hunter and First Flight, among other historical fiction novels, are found on this level, along with books featuring adventure and mystery. Of all the levels of I Can Read!, the tales are the most complex.

What is the newest Dear America book?

A striking new sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling Dear America novel, THE WINTER OF RED SNOW, from author Kristiana Gregory! Abigail Jane Stewart returns in this brand-new sequel to THE WINTER OF RED SNOW, which was released in December of 2017.

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How many books are in the Dear Canada series?

Dear Canada: A Novel Series ( 37 books )

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