What Is The Difference Between International Books And Regular? (Solution found)

An international edition is a textbook that has been published in a country other than the United States. They are typically substantially less expensive than textbooks released in the United States. Although the content may be the same as the United States edition of the book, there may be slight variances in aspects such as the book cover, ISBN number, pagination, or region code.

Are international edition books different?

In simple terms, a Foreign Edition textbook is the international counterpart to a US Edition textbook. Most overseas editions have somewhat different covers, and many have different ISBNs on the outside covers (although some have the same ISBN as the US edition on the inside), but they are all printed on high-quality paper, as is the case with the US edition.

What does international version mean for books?

Because textbook publishers market their books across the world, international editions are textbooks that have been published in countries other than the United States. They are referred to as “international editions” or “low price editions” when they are offered outside of the United States.

Is it okay to buy international edition textbooks?

Purchasing and selling foreign edition textbooks is a risk-free and simple procedure. Purchasing these versions will allow you to save a significant amount of money for your studies. It is allowed to resell them, according to the ruling of the Supap Supreme Court, which was described above.

What is the difference between global edition textbooks and regular ones?

GLOBAL EDITION – Textbooks released in the Global Edition are meant for students across the world, not only those living in the United States of America. They are written for an audience outside of the United States, thus you should anticipate them to have more variances than the ordinary International Edition of the same book.

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Why are international editions cheaper?

International versions are less expensive because they are printed in a less expensive format: paperback rather than hardback, and occasionally in black and white.

Are textbooks cheaper in Europe?

If a textbook from the United States costs less money in Europe or Australia, it suggests that both manufacturing and post-production are less expensive in Europe or Australia than they are in the United States.

What does Indian edition mean?

The international edition is printed in the United States for usage in the United States. The Indian version is printed in India and is intended for usage only in India. What exactly is the source of the misunderstanding? If you visit a book store in India, you will be able to purchase the Indian edition.

Can I sell international edition textbooks on Amazon?

When you offer your textbook on our site, you must ensure that the ISBN on the book’s Amazon.com detail page matches exactly the ISBN on your textbook. International versions of textbooks must be listed under a distinct ASIN from the local product in order to be properly tracked. (See Selling International Media Products for further information.)

Is AbeBooks a good website?

563 reviews on AbeBooks have given it a 1.79 star rating, suggesting that the majority of buyers are unsatisfied with their purchases overall. Customers who have expressed dissatisfaction with AbeBooks most typically highlight customer service, tracking number, and payment card issues. AbeBooks is the 21st most popular used book website.

Are international textbooks legal?

The Supreme Court of the United States has determined that it is allowed to buy and sell overseas versions of textbooks in the United States. As for the ethics, it is evident that it goes against the wishes of the publisher, leading one to infer that it is unethical despite the fact that it is legal.

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What is the difference between different editions of textbooks?

According to studies conducted by state PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups), the new price for each edition of the textbook is on average 12 percent more than the price of the preceding edition of the textbook. In addition, when a new edition of a book is issued, the prices of both the new and used copies of the prior edition fall precipitously.

Why do some books say not for sale in the US?

It just implies that the publisher does not want the book to be marketed in those particular countries, and that is all. Depending on the context, it might imply that they do not have the rights to sell the book or a portion of its content in certain countries (heavily illustrated publications are frequently limited in this way due to rights owned in connection with some of the images), although this is not always the case.

Is First Aid International Edition different?

It is a version of a book—typically a textbook—that has been published for distribution outside of the United States and is known as an international edition. The ISBNs of most overseas versions differ from those of the United States edition. It is common for them to have various covers, although they almost always contain the same information. They are also occasionally printed on lower-quality paper.

What does ISE mean for textbooks?

International Student Edition (books) is an abbreviation for International Student Edition.

What does EMEA edition mean?

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) is a shorthand designation that refers to all of these regions. Unlike its name implies, this region encompasses all of the nations found on the continents of Africa and Europe, as well as the countries that make up the Middle Eastern part of the world.

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