What Is Romona Books?

Ramona (novel series)

The Ramona books are a series of eight humorous children’s novels written by Beverly Cleary, beginning with Beezus and Ramona in 1955 and ending with Ramona’s World in 1999. As of 2012, the series was marketed as “The Complete Ramona Collection.”


The Ramona books evolved from Cleary’s earlier Henry Huggins series, in which Beezus was a friend of Henry’s and Ramona, Henry’s younger sister, was a nuisance. The last Ramona book, Ramona’s World, was published in 1999, 15 years after the previous one.


Ramona scribbles all over a library book, locks Ribsy in the bathroom, and disrupts art class in Beedus and Ramona (1955), the only book in the series written from the perspective of older sister Beezus. This installment was a Newbery Honor book. Ramona Quimby is learning to take responsibility for herself in this book. She is in third grade at a new school and making some new friends.

Ramona’s characterization

Librarians and children’s writers have praised the use of the word “irrepressible” to describe Ramona, who they say represents a girl who has not been subdued by adults or the world.

Critical reception

The Ramona books have become a standard for realistic children’s fiction, and they are still highly regarded and read in a variety of languages around the world.


The Ramona books were adapted for Canadian television as Ramona and for the American film Ramona and Beezus. Although the film jumps from book to book, the plot focuses primarily on Ramona Forever. The 10-part series starred Sarah Polley and Loren Chodos.

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The Quimbys’ cat: Picky-picky Grandpa Day, who avoids Ramona because he has grown grouchy in his old age.


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The Beverly Cleary Memorial Garden has a statue of Ramona in the grounds of her former home.

What age is good for Ramona books?

Most kids between the ages of 5 and 9 will likely enjoy this.

Where do the Ramona books take place?

‘They take place in a very specific neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, where I grew up, which must be the most stable neighborhood in the United States, having changed very little in many ways since I lived there.’ In Ramona’s World, the Quimbys’ third child, Roberta, is now a toddler.

How many Ramona books have been sold?

Cleary’s books have sold more than 91 million copies worldwide since they were first published 70 years ago, and they continue to resonate with readers who can relate to Ramona and are dealing with their own financial difficulties.

How much older is Beezus than Ramona?

Ramona’s age in Beezus and Ramona is four years old.

What grade is Ramona?

Ramona the Pest, like the other books in the series, is told from Ramona’s point of view. Ramona begins kindergarten in Ramona the Pest, and the subsequent books follow her as she grows up and progresses through school, usually at a rate of one grade every two books.

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What is level O in reading?

At a level O, your child can read independently, or on his or her own, chapter books as well as shorter fiction and informational (nonfiction) texts. Level O readers can solve new vocabulary words in their reading, which may be defined in the text or left unexplained.

Is Ramona a Spanish name?

Ramona is a feminine given name that is the feminine form of Ramon (Spanish) and Raymond (Old German) and means “wise protector” in Spanish, Romania, Moldova, Italy, and Portugal, as well as in some Latin American and North American countries.

Do the Ramona books go in order?

Order of Ramona Quimby’s Books:

  • Beezus and Ramona u2013 Having a four-year-old sister like Ramona isn’t always easy for Beezus Quimby.
  • Ramona the Pest u2013 Ramona Quimby is excited to start kindergarten.
  • Ramona the Brave u2013 Starting first grade should be easy for a girl as enthusiastic about life as Ramona.

Does Ramona Quimby have ADHD?

u201cI think Ramona has ADHD,u201d my daughter said from the backseat, halfway through our Ramona Quimby audiobook marathon (narrated by Stockard Channing). New research in ADHD shows that the disorder is not so much about attention as it is about self-regulation.

Is Beezus older than Ramona?

Beatrice Ann “Beezus” Quimby is a character in Beverly Cleary’s Henry Huggins and Ramona series of books. She is Henry and Mary Jane’s friend, as well as Ramona and Roberta’s older sister. Beezus got her nickname from Ramona, who had difficulty pronouncing Beatrice as a toddler.

What was Beverly Cleary’s last book?

Her first book about Henry Huggins, Beezus, and Ramona was published in 1950, and her last Ramona book was published in 1999.

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Who is Joey Ramona Quimby?

Jess dresses up as Joey Ramone-a Quimby for Halloween, and the actress who played Ramona Quimby in Ramona and Beezus (2010), Joey King, appeared in season 1 episode 14 as a guest star.

Is Ramona a good name?

Ramona is a sweet spot name u2013 neither too trendy nor too eccentric u2013 and kids will associate it with the clever Ramona Quimby character in the Beverly Cleary series of books, which has also been adapted for television.

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