What Genre Is Hotel Books? (TOP 5 Tips)

Hotel Books
Born February 16, 1993
Origin Porterville, California, US
Genres Spoken word, emo, post-hardcore, indie rock, ambient
Occupation(s) Musician, spoken-word poet


What kind of music is Hotel Books?

Biography of the artist Hotel Books is the brainchild of spoken word poet Cameron Smith, who founded the group in 2011 in Porterville, California. His passionate, cathartic poetry is delivered over a musical combination of ambient, post-hardcore, and emo. Smith and his bandmates have toured widely around the United States, Europe, and Australia, performing their work.

Who is the lead singer of Hotel Books?

Q & A: Hotel Books frontman Cam Smith discusses how music has the ability to save lives. Founded and fronted by California native and spoken word poet Cam Smith, Hotel Books have gained acclaim for their brutally honest and emotionally gripping songs.

Who is the best spoken word artist?

12 Inspiring Spoken Word Artists You Should Add To Your Playlist Immediately

  • Andrea Gibson (Preferred pronouns: they/them)
  • Dr Abhijit Khandkar (Preferred pronouns: he/him)
  • Safia Elhillo (Preferred pronouns: she/her)
  • Alok Vaid-Menon (Preferred pronouns: they/them)
  • and Uppa Tsuyo Bantawa (Preferred pronouns: he/him and she/her).

Is poetry a spoken word?

Poems spoken aloud are referred to as “spoken word,” and can comprise everything from traditional poetry readings to jazz poetry and hip hop music. It can also include stand-up routines or prose monologues, according to the definition in “catchall.”

What is spoken word Spotify?

This morning, Spotify announced the debut of an all-new feature that merges spoken word audio commentary with music recordings. Through the use of the new format, Spotify will be able to replicate the radio-like experience of listening to a DJ or a music journalist express their viewpoint on the music they are playing.

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Who is a famous slam poet?

Beau Sia is well-known in the poetry community for his work. Two National Poetry Slam Championships have been won by him. He has also been featured on all six seasons of the Def Poetry Jam television show.

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