What Are The Official Bioshock Books?


Welcome to Rapture, the world’s fastest growing pile of garbage. If you haven’t played Bioshock, you owe it to yourself to at least watch the first part. Massive, cinematic scope, epic storyline, and art style combining art deco with steampunk. Jack is a silent protagonist who is drawn into Rapture, an underworld city.

Are there any BioShock books?

BioShock: Rapture, a prequel to the first BioShock written by John Shirley and published by Titan Books on July 19, 2011, was the second official BioShock novel.

Is BioShock book canon?

Unfortunately, the book contains far too many serious inconsistencies from the game to be considered canon, and Ken Levine has formally declared it non-canon. This site, as the BioShock Wiki, documents the information from the book here, but concludes that it has no bearing on the canon narrative.

Is BioShock Infinite related to BioShock 1 and 2?

Bioshock Infinite is not a sequel to the other two Rapture-based Bioshock games; for starters, Bioshock Infinite is set in 1912, whereas the first Bioshock is set in the 1960s.

Is BioShock Rapture a good book?

Overall, I think it’s a fantastic book and a great read! If you enjoyed the audio diaries in Bioshock, you’ll love this book because you’ll learn even more about your favorite characters, their motivations, and how and why they ended up in Rapture.

Is BioShock dead?

Even after the closure of Irrational Games and the underwhelming sales of BioShock Infinite, the BioShock franchise isn’t dead. As 2013 came to a close, however, the physical version of BioShock Infinite didn’t make the top-10 best-selling games of the year, according to the NPD Group.

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Why is Rapture underwater?

Rapture (also known as the North Atlantic Project and the Rapture Colony) is a massive underwater city forged from Andrew Ryan’s personal dreams of escaping the post-World War II world’s political, social, and religious constraints.

What year does BioShock 2 take place?

BioShock 2 takes place in 1968, in an alternate history, about 10 years after the events of the first game, and you play as Big Daddy, a powerful creature whose flesh is melded with a massive underwater diving suit.

Who is Atlas in BioShock?

Atlas is a revolutionary who led many of Rapture’s disillusioned against Andrew Ryan and his supporters during the Civil War, and he guides Jack through the failed utopia after his arrival. Atlas has an Irish accent, specifically a working-class Dublin accent.

Is BioShock Infinite better than BioShock 1?

Apart from the mechanics, Infinite falls short of the original Bioshock in other areas of gameplay. Bioshock plays much more like a shooter with more depth and some RPG sensibilities, whereas Infinite plays much more like a straight up shooter.

Is BioShock 1 a horror game?

The survival aspect of survival horror is key to this tonal shift, and it’s what distinguishes zombie survival horror games from zombie shooter games, for example.

Is BioShock or BioShock 2 better?

The gameplay in both games is identical; the only difference is that in Bioshock 2, you play as a larger and stronger character. Bioshock 2 improved on all of the fun aspects of Bioshock 1, and the little sister of being a Big Daddy was also intriguing.

How deep underwater is Rapture?

Rapture is 2096 meters underwater, according to data from Wikia and Google Earth, and the pressure at that depth is roughly 200 atmospheres, according to this calculator.

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Is there a BioShock movie?

After a few years of tumultuous development, the BioShock movie was canceled, and director Gore Verbinski has explained why. Never played the originals, but just finished Infinite and am starting Buried at Sea.

When did BioShock 1 release?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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