What Are The Occult Fan Books For?

Occult Fan Magazines | FF8|Game8

This page lists all Occult Fan Magazines from Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII), which contain hints for solving sidequests involving a UFO and GF Doomtrain, as well as how to assemble items to summon Doomtrain and challenge him to battle.

What are Occult fans for?

The Laguna Friend Card can be used to obtain the Occult Fan, a special trade accessory that grants 4 Luck when used. It can be obtained through Battlegen with the Laguna Friend Card.

How to get Occult Fan?

To get the Occult Fan II, go to the second floor of Dollet Pub and defeat the man in Triple Triad near the Queen of Cards in Dollet. Note: You’ll have to go back and forth several times, checking the piles of magazines.

How do you get the occult fan 1?

You must go into the library with Zell in your party and speak with the library girl with the pigtail who stands in front of the bookshelf, and then Zell must say he wants this book, and she must say she’ll look for it, and then you must return to the library a short time later and she will be gone, and you will be able to obtain Occult Fan 1 on your own.

What do the timber Maniacs magazines do?

Every issue of Timber Maniacs the player finds (except one) adds an article on Laguna on Sir Laguna’s Page, created by Selphie Tilmitt and viewable on Squall’s study panel in Balamb Garden. Collecting all magazines in the Steam and Remastered versions earns the achievement/trophy Timber Maniacs.

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Where is the Occult Fan 3?

Follow the path to the Fisherman holding Occult Fan III, then speak with him and apologize for crashing in Fisherman’s Horizon.

How do I train to doom?

The player must have the Solomon Ring, as well as at least 6 Steel Pipes, 6 Remedy, and 6 Malboro Tentacles; hints on how to obtain Doomtrain can be found in the magazine Occult Fan. Once all of the items are collected, Doomtrain will join when Solomon’s Ring is used in the inventory.

Where is the occult fan ff8?

Occult Fan #1 You can get this from the Balamb Garden Library at any time, which means you can get it very early in the game, arguably making it the first item you should get. There are two bookshelves clearly visible in the center of the library.

How do I use the Solomon ring in ff8?

The Solomon Ring (, Soromon no Yubiwa?) is a one-of-a-kind item in Final Fantasy VIII that unlocks Doomtrain, a secret Guardian Force. To use it, the player must have six of each of the following items in their inventory: Malboro Tentacle, Steel Pipe, and Remedy.

How do you make Remedy Plus?

Refining 10 Remedies with Med LV Up is the quickest way to get a Remedy, but it costs 5,000 gil per Remedy. It’s probably not worth having a lot of these in general, though they may come in handy.

How do I get to tears point ff8?

Tears’ Point is a location in Final Fantasy VIII that is located on the Great Plains of Esthar, east of Esthar City, and can be visited after leaving Esthar City to allow the player to explore the continent. It is here that the player can find the Solomon’s Ring.

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How do I get a quistis card?


  1. In the Balamb Garden classroom or cafeteria, win from any of the Trepies.
  2. In the Ragnarok airship in endgame, win from the CC Group.

Are any timber maniacs missable?

There are 12 issues of Timber Maniacs scattered throughout the game, and one of them is missable, so get them as soon as possible.

Does the white SeeD ship disappear?

After leaving the White SeeD Ship and entering the Fishermans Horizon, the ship vanishes from the world map and can never be found again.

Where is the white ship ff8?

Return to the Garden and look for the White SeeD Ship (north of Edea’s House in an inlet in the western half of Centra Crater).

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