What Are Pitch Books?

The Ins and Outs of Pitchbooks

Pitchbooks are useful tools for salespeople to remember important benefits. The main pitchbook contains an overview and main attributes of the selling firm, while product pitchbooks contain details about a specific deal, such as a company’s initial public offering (IPO). Pitchbooks are more product-oriented for start-up companies, while they are more benefit-oriented for investment firms.

How do you make a book pitch?

There are eight ways to make the ideal investment banking pitchbook.

  1. The ideal pitchbook should have a clear message and be between 10 and 15 pages long.
  2. Make your case early.
  3. Add value with the macro view, but keep it brief.
  4. Set the scene with the company analysis.
  5. Create the most compelling case with the deal rationale.

What should be in a pitch book?

The classic definition of a pitch book includes sections on the transaction’s merits, analysis of potential buyers or sellers, pricing and valuation information, and key risks to mitigate; however, in practice, people use the term “pitch book” to refer to almost any presentation created by a bank.

How does pitch book work?

A pitchbook is a sales document created by an investment bank or firm that details the firm’s main characteristics and is then used by the sales force to help sell products and services and generate new clients.

What is Pitchbook used for?

M&A, Venture Capital, and Private Equity

What is pitching in investment banking?

A pitch is an investment bank’s sales presentation of its products and services to existing and potential clients; because banks compete for transactions with other financial institutions, whether or not they are commissioned is largely determined by the pitch and how it is delivered.

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What is an M&A pitch?

A Confidential Information Memorandum, also known as a pitch book (or pitch deck), is a marketing presentation (information layout) used by investment banks, entrepreneurs, corporate finance firms, business brokers, and other M&A professionals.

Do investment bankers give presentations?

The industry group’s job entails presenting pitches and ideas to clients, preparing pitch books, writing industry reports, and executing transactions within their assigned sector of the market.

What are VC companies?

What is a venture capital firm? Venture capital firms, like private equity firms, fund and mentor startups and other young, often tech-focused companies. VC firms use capital raised from limited partners to invest in promising private companies, similar to PE firms.

How reliable is PitchBook?

PitchBook was a consistently reliable source of information on the most recent private capital markets transactions, as well as the key investors involved in those transactions, thanks to its large and detailed datasets.

How would you be able to view all slides of a PitchBook simultaneously?

To view multiple slides at once, go to the View Ribbon and click the Slide Sorter icon (or click the icon in the Status Bar); click, hold, and drag the slide to where you want it to be positioned, and then let go of the mouse button.

How much is PitchBook per year?

It costs around $20K per year and requires annual contracts, but it appears to be far superior to Crunchbase and other similar services.

Who uses PitchBook?

PitchBook, which has offices in Seattle, New York, San Francisco, London, and Hong Kong, is used by business professionals all over the world to save time, work smarter, and analyze information more efficiently.

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Why is it called a pitch deck?

A pitch slide is analogous to a card in a deck of cards; you can mix and match the slides as you please; the metaphor implies that the cards can be sorted at will, and some cards can be left out of the pitch. A pitch deck, or at least the second part of it, originates from these slides.

What is the meaning of pitch deck?

One of the most important aspects of an effective pitch deck is to organize it based on the audience and forum to which it is being presented.

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