Readers ask: What Books Do I Need For Battle Tech?

BattleTech, a guide to getting started

After dozens of hours in the cockpit, here are my top five tips for Harebrained Schemes’ latest turn-based strategy game, BattleTech. The game has a deceptively steep learning curve and draws from a massive, 30-year-old body of consistent existing lore.

Know your enemy

The best reference materials for information on BattleMechs come from the tabletop game; use Sarna, the official community-run BattleTech wiki, to learn more about each type of ‘Mech. Catalyst also sells a number of sourcebooks called “technical readouts,” which are available as PDFs but sometimes it’s not.

Know your role

Lightly armed and armored units are useful for maneuverability, but they’ll be quickly taken down if left exposed. Heavyweight ‘Mechs that can mount short-range missile (SRM) batteries are best used in the role of brawler. They mount a combination of projectile and laser weaponry and are best used at medium distances.

Fire for effect

In BattleTech, dealing damage is an art, not a science. To have the best chance of damaging an enemy mech, maneuver directly in front of or directly behind it. Precision strikes, which cost morale, are the best way to dismantle ‘Mechs piece by piece.

Plan ahead

Before each mission begins, carefully observe the terrain and plan your route to the objective, paying special attention to trees and buildings that can provide partial or complete cover. Always have an escape route in mind, as these maps have plenty of room to run away.

Specialize your team early and often

Snipers will want to emphasize gunnery, while brawlers will need to be good melee pilots. The perks that you unlock for each ‘Mech are vital to your survival on the battlefield. Carefully select which perks you choose for each MechWarrior based on their role.

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What dice do you need for BattleTech?

The mapsheet included in the quick-start rules only contains light and heavy woods terrain for ease of play, and BattleTech uses two six-sided dice.

How many Mechwarrior books are there?

The BattleTech Legends Book Series consists of 53 books.

How do I get into BattleTech?

Re: How do I get into BattleTech? Right now, the best way to get into BattleTech is to get the BattleMech Manual and TRO:Succession Wars. Those two books will get you familiar enough with the rules and a good majority of Mechs from the early days of the franchise.

What is the first BattleTech novel?

William H. Keith’s Decision at Thunder Rift (1986) was the first official BattleTech novel, and Loren L. Coleman’s Endgame (2002) was the last from FASA, concluding plot lines and character arcs from many previous works.

What mechs come in the BattleTech starter box?

Two fully assembled unpainted miniatures, nine cardboard standees to act as additional BattleMechs, one double-sided mapsheet, cardboard hex terrain to be used with the maps, the “Quick-Start Rules” for the game, color record sheets for several variants of the included BattleMechs, and a rulebook are all included in the Beginner Box.

Is BattleTech an RPG?

MechWarrior is a role-playing game (RPG) based on and set in the BattleTech universe, in which the player takes on the role of a MechWarrior by default, but other career paths are available (increasingly so in later iterations of the game).

What is a BattleTech technical readout?

Technical Readouts (also known and abbreviated as “TROs”) are printed (or electronically published) game publications that serve as in-universe references and technical guides.

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What is Sarna BattleTech? (short for “Sarna”) is a fan wiki project for the fictional BattleTech universe, named after the universe’s equally fictional star system.

Which clan is ilClan?

Clan Wolf would emerge as the ilClan and re-establish the Star League with a Clan-based styling in 3151, after an intense battle between the Republic, Jade Falcons, and Wolves, and after an intense battle between the Republic, Jade Falcons, and Wolves, Clan Wolf would emerge as the ilClan and re-establish the Star League with a Clan-based styling.

What order should all the Battletech books be read in?

In case anyone else is curious, I’ve come up with the following order thanks to Desdichado’s help and this thread:

  • SKIP The Sword and the Dagger.
  • Gray Death Trilogy.
  • Warrior Trilogy.
  • Wolves on the Border.
  • Heir to the Dragon.
  • Blood of Kerenksy Trilogy.
  • Jade Phoenix Trilogy.
  • Wolf Pack.
  • The Sword and the Dagger.

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