Readers ask: What Books Did S E Hinton Wrote?

S. E. Hinton – Wikipedia

Susan Eloise Hinton (born July 22, 1948) is an American author best known for her young-adult novels set in Oklahoma. She is credited with introducing the YA genre and received the American Library Association’s inaugural Margaret Edwards Award in 1988.


Personal life


Awards and honors

Hinton was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa by the University of Tulsa in 1992. In 1988, she received the inaugural Margaret A. Edwards Award from the American YA librarians, which honors one author of books published in the United States over a period of years.

Young adult novels

All of Hinton’s first novels are set in Oklahoma, including The Outsiders (1967), That Was Then, This Is Now (1971), Rumble Fish (1975), Tex (1979), and Taming the Star Runner (1988).


Rita Dove, S.E. Hinton, and Maya Angelou, Great Women Writers (Princeton, NJ: Hacienda Productions, 1999), DVD video u2014 autobiographical accounts by the three authors.



What are 4 other novels SE Hinton wrote?

Hinton, S.E.

  • The Outsiders.
  • That Was Then, This Is Now.
  • Rumble Fish.
  • Tex.

What are 5 novels SE Hinton has written?

All of the stories are set in Oklahoma.

  • That Was Then, This Is Now (1971)
  • Rumble Fish (1975)
  • Tex (1979)
  • Taming the Star Runner (1988)
  • The Outsiders (1967)
  • That Was Then, This Is Now (1971)

Why was The Outsiders banned?

What is SE Hinton best selling book?

Best-Seller List

    What is SE Hinton’s full name?

    S. E. Hinton, the dean of young-adult literature, was born on July 22, 1948, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as Susan Eloise Hinton. She published her phenomenally best-selling first novel, The Outsiders, while still a junior in high school in 1967.

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    Is The Outsiders movie based on a true story?

    The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, is loosely based on real-life high school drama. Hinton began writing the book when she was 15 years old, and it was published just a few years later.

    What town was The Outsiders filmed in?

    What is SE Hinton doing now?

    What is Sodapops horse’s name?

    What does S.E. Hinton do in her free time?

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