Readers ask: Adult Coloring Books What Do I Color With?

15 Adult Coloring Book Mistakes (And How You Can Fix Them)

Adult coloring books are a fun and relaxing way to express yourself, but you’re bound to run into a few roadblocks along the way. Here are 15 of the most common mistakes people make when doing adult coloring books, and how to avoid them.

Coloring In General

It’s always best to create a color palette before you start coloring; failing to do so is one of the most common mistakes that newbie colorists make. Limiting your options allows you to be more creative while also ensuring that your coloring pages have a more cohesive look.

Skipping The Swatch

Swatching your markers, pencils, gel pens, or glitter pens can help you have a smoother workflow because the actual color of the ink can differ from the color of the cap. Swatching also helps you select the right color, which is especially useful if you’re working on a piece that will take more than one sitting.

Using Random Copy Paper

When it comes to adult coloring books, the right kind of paper can make all the difference; artist-grade paper simply brings out the best in your coloring mediums; thin pages don’t allow you to blend, build layers, or move your ink around, so never settle for less.

Ignoring Finger Fatigue

Some people tend to push really hard or put a lot of pressure on their fingers and wrists, resulting in finger fatigue and wrist pain. Using a light hand when coloring takes mindfulness and practice. Intentionally keep your strokes light and you’ll keep your hands and wrists healthy.

Always comparing one’s work with others

People learn at different rates and adapt to different learning styles, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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Common Mistakes When Using Colored Pencils

Although using colored pencils for coloring books is a lot of fun, newcomers may run into some difficulties.

Not Building Enough Layers

Colored pencils are a great way to add dimension to your artwork, but one of the most common mistakes is not building enough layers. Because colored pencils have smaller tips than other mediums, finishing an artwork may take a little longer.

How To Fix It

Thankfully, it’s a simple fix – just take your time, use the right tools, and be patient, and don’t forget to use enough pigment on the paper!

Burnishing Way Too Soon

When you burnish an area, you flatten the tooth of the paper and create a smooth, waxy surface; it’s a great technique to use when you’re about to finish a piece, but it’s not so great when you still want to build layers or work on shading.

How To Fix It

When it comes to working with colored pencils, slow and steady wins the race; don’t be hasty with your strokes, build layers and blend gradually, and keep the pressure on your fingers light until you’re completely satisfied with your work.

Using Harsh Strokes

Coloring in a single, straight direction is faster, but it also results in harsh-looking strokes, with sharp lines on the paper and unnatural blending.

How To Fix It

Use small circular strokes instead of harsh, straight strokes to evenly distribute the pigment without creating harsh lines in the finished product.

Common Mistakes When Using Alcohol Markers

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when using alcohol markers to apply Scotch-Bathroom mirror powder to their nails and fingernails.

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Using Too Much Ink

Overexertion occurs when you apply too many layers of ink to the paper, resulting in blotchy, smeared, and discolored coloring pages.

How To Fix It

If you’re a beginner, go light on your strokes and color from light to dark. Alcohol markers will seep through any paper, so be sure to use a blotter page when using this medium.

Why do adults color in coloring books?

Coloring relaxes the amygdala, your brain’s fear center, and induces the same state as meditation by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind, resulting in mindfulness and quietness, allowing your mind to rest after a long day at work.

What kind of paint do you use for coloring books?

While most people prefer to use markers and pencils for coloring books and pages, I think using paint is just as much fun! Grab a set of watercolor paint and a fine brush and fill those pages with paint.

Are adult coloring books worth it?

Adult coloring books may appear to be therapeutic, but they aren’t. While there are benefits to improving mood, increasing mindfulness, and reducing mental health stress, the personal process may differ from the growth experienced in therapy.

Is adult coloring book good?

Adult coloring books clearly serve a variety of useful functions; they can be focused, therapeutic, relaxing, calming, problem-solving, and organizational, to name a few.

What is best for coloring in adult coloring books?

Colored pencils are one of the most popular mediums for adult coloring books because they can be shaded, allowing you to make one side darker and the other lighter or add fine details within a single spot of color.

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Can you use watercolor pencils in coloring books?

Because most coloring books aren’t designed for water to be put on the paper, I recommend buying artist quality watercolor pencils to use in your coloring books. You don’t want to have to go back in and reapply many layers to get the color you want.

Why do adults use coloring books?

“Adult coloring books are typically geared toward stress relief because they have intricate designs that challenge the fine motor skills and attention span of even the most detail-oriented adults,” according to a statement on the site. “This makes adult coloring pages a fun challenge and something you can lose yourself in.”

Are adult coloring books still a trend?

Adult coloring books had been a small and niche market for years, but demand exploded in the first months of 2015, with over 12 million books sold; today, they sell more than they did before 2015, but nowhere near the record-breaking numbers seen at the peak of the trend.

Are adult coloring books a waste of time?

There is some debate about the therapeutic value of coloring books, and they are not a substitute for art therapy, meditation, yoga, or prayer; however, the books have been shown to help switch off your brain and elicit a relaxing mindset, making them stress relievers.

Is coloring good for seniors?

Unfortunately, as people age, their motor skills deteriorate, but coloring is a relaxing and useful tool that can help strengthen these skills, rebuild basic motor skills, and trigger forgotten ones, as well as bring back many memories for aging adults.

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