Quick Answer: What Joe Hill Books Are Connected?

Every Joe Hill & Stephen King Collaboration Explained

Stephen King, whose son, Joe Hill, was born Joseph Hillstru00f6m King, has been an iconic author and creator of horror since the 1970s, and the two have collaborated on several highly successful projects that have gone on to be adapted for major streaming services such as Netflix.


Joe Hill and Stephen King included their 2009 novella “Throttle” in a limited edition anthology honoring Richard Matheson. The story follows a gang of bikers on the road after a bloody altercation, and an HBO Max adaptation is in the works.

“In The Tall Grass”

The 2012 horror novella “In The Tall Grass,” which follows Cal and Becky Demuth as they stumble upon a field of tall grass with strange and supernatural abilities, is one of King and Hill’s most well-known collaborations, and will be adapted into a Netflix original of the same name in 2019.

“But Only Darkness Loves Me”

One of Joe Hill’s unpublished short stories, “In The Tall Grass,” was co-written with his father Stephen King and is only available upon request. “Throttle” and “In The Tall Grass” have both been adapted into films for major streaming platforms.

Are Stephen King’s books all connected?

Almost all of Stephen King’s creepy, supernatural elements can be traced back to “The Macroverse” or “Todash Space,” two mysterious dark realities that appear to be connected, if not one and the same, and are home to Pennywise, the mist, the deadlights, Cthun, and many other King characters.

Is NOS4A2 in the same universe as Pennywise?

In season 1, episode 1, “The Shorter Way,” Jami O’Brien’s supernatural television series NOS4A2 (2019-) is adapted from Joe Hill’s novel of the same name and features the well-known Stephen King character Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

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Is writer Joe Hill related to Stephen King?

Stephen King has been a well-known horror author and creator since the 1970s, but his son, Joe Hill, who was born Joseph Hillstru00f6m King, shares his interest in the strange.

Is Pennywise the Crimson King?

Pennywise is almost certainly a physical manifestation of the Crimson King, and you had no idea that while you were watching him scare a bunch of kids, he was also a cosmic spider-god attempting to destroy all of creation.

What book does Stephen King think is his best?

Devout King fans know that Lisey’s Story is his favorite book he’s ever written.

Is NOS4A2 connected?

The world of AMC’s NOS4A2 exists in the same, larger world as Stephen King’s It and Joe Hill’s Locke and Key, and because Derry is a neighboring town of Castle Rock and Jerusalem’s Lot in King’s fictional Maine, it also exists in the same, larger world as all of King’s stories.

Are Inscapes real?

Strong Creatives create Inscapes, which they then bring into the real world with the help of their Knives.

What is a strong creative?

Individuals who can rip the fabric between the Real World and the World of Thought are known as strong creatives.

Why is Joe Hill’s last name not king?

Joe’s middle name is Hillstrom, and he dropped King and half of his middle name so that he could be judged solely on his own writing abilities, rather than those of his father.

What disease does Naomi King have?

I adore her.u201d It’s an odd coincidence that Stephen King’s first child, Naomi, was born with a chronic adrenaline deficiency.

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Does Stephen King have a son?

The Shining, Stephen King’s best-selling novel, was first published in 1977, making it 44 years old (as of 2021). Multiply 44 by the annual book sales (15,732) to get 692,208 copies sold.

Will There Be Dark Tower 2?

Because there will be no sequel to The Dark Tower, take a look at this alternative.

Is Stephen King a gan?

Gan, also known as God or the Other, is the creative overforce in Stephen King’s universes, emerging from the primal chaos of the Prim and manifesting himself as the Dark Tower in Mid-World, with his wife Bessa manifesting herself as a rose.

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