Quick Answer: What Halo Books Coverthe First Halo Game?

Halo: First Strike

Eric Nylund’s military science fiction novel Halo: First Strike, based on the Halo video game series, was released in December 2003 and is the third Halo novel. It received positive reviews from critics and made the New York Times Best Seller list.


It was originally intended to be a prequel to Halo: The Fall of Reach, but due to the fact that more Halo canon had already been published, it was more difficult to incorporate First Strike into the existing story.


The Covenant believes the ancient relic Halo is a weapon and a means of transcendence, but the UNSC discovers that it is actually a method of containing a parasite known as the Flood. First Strike is set in the 26th century, and humanity is being attacked by the Covenant.


After the events of Halo, the Master Chief and Cortana explore the ruins of Halo, discovering other survivors such as Sergeant Johnson and Corporal Locklear. Cortana salvages the derelict UNSC frigate Gettysburg to create a hybrid vessel known as Ascendant Justice, while the Covenant prepare an invasion fleet for an attack on Earth.


Reviewers praised the writing and Nylund’s character development in First Strike, which was also well received on audiobook, with Cliff Bakehorn calling it an “exciting story.”


The biggest flaw in Halo: First Strike is that by the time Master Chief meets up with Fred, his and the other Spartans’ characters have already been developed to the point where they have lives of their own, and when the story returns to the Master Chief, everything that has been built up vanishes.

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What was the first Halo book?

Halo: The Fall of Reach is a military science fiction novel written by Eric Nylund that takes place in the Halo universe and serves as a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, the first game in the series. It was published in October 2001 and is the first Halo novel. It is set in the 26th century and takes place on multiple planets and locations.

What came first the Halo games or books?

Although the game came first, the first Halo book is set before the discovery of Instalation 04, when the SPARTANs were children.

Do the Halo books cover the games?

While the games cover a portion of the expanded universe, novels have covered the majority of it.

Is Halo CE the first Halo game?

The first game in the series, Halo: Combat Evolved on Xbox, was released on November 15, 2001, and is a first-person shooter in which the player experiences most of the action from the protagonist’s perspective.

How old is Master Chief?

Halo: The Flood is a military science fiction novel by William C. Dietz, based on the Halo video game series, and specifically on Halo: Combat Evolved, the first game in the series, released in 2001. It is the second Halo novel and was published in April 2003.

Is Halo 1 still good?

Even though it has been superseded by arguably better shooters, Halo: Combat Evolved remains a masterpiece that succeeds due to elegant design.

Why did Bungie quit Halo?

According to community manager David “DeeJ” Dague, Bungie left Halo and its publisher, Microsoft, in 2007 in order to move forward in the industry rather than be tied to a franchise that had found success at the turn of the century.

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Should I play Halo 3 or ODST first?

So, if we’re talking about story continuity and which game to play first, we should play Halo 2, ODST, and then Halo 3. For the extra question, ODST isn’t that difficult and, in my opinion, is on par with Halo 3.

Are the Halo books worth it?

The books are well worth reading, as they contain a wealth of Halo backstory not found in the games.

How many Halo books are there 2021?

Halo: Point of Light will be released on March 2, 2021, bringing the total number of Halo novels to 30.

What books to read before Halo infinite?

Before Infinite, the books with Alpha 9, “most importantly,” the Forerunner Saga books, and “possibly” the Kilo 5 books will suffice.

Which Halo sold the most copies?

Halo 3 was the best-selling video game in the United States in 2007, selling 8.1 million copies as of January 3, 2008. It has since sold over 14.5 million copies.

Should I play halo reach first?

Reach is a great way to get into the series, and it’s technically the first one to play in terms of chronological order; however, if you start with Halo CE on PC, you won’t have to wait for the Reach port.

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