Quick Answer: What Books Did Jennifer L. Holm Write?

Jennifer L. Holm – Wikipedia

Jennifer L. Holm is an American children’s author and illustrator who was born on June 16, 1968 (age 53) in San Diego, California. She has won three Newbery Honors and the Eisner Award for her work with young readers.


Sarah Holm was born in 1968 in San Diego, California, and is the author of Our Only May Amelia, a 2000 Newbery Honor Book. Her story Penny from Heaven, about an 11-year-old Italian-American girl set in the 1950s, has been adapted for the stage.

Personal life

Holm, her husband, and their two children live in Foster City, California as of 2013.

Sunny series

Matthew Holm and Lark Pien collaborated on the graphic novels Sunny Side Up, Swing it, Sunny (2015), and Sunny Rolls the Dice (2019).

May Amelia series

Our Only May Amelia can be found in the Newbery Great Girls Boxed Set (1999), along with three other Newbery Winners, and is part of a box set celebrating the award-winning authors.

What was Jennifer L Holms first book?

Holm’s first novel, Our Only May Amelia, won a Newbery Honor Award, launching her into the world of children’s literature.

Who wrote the Fourteenth goldfish?

Believe in the impossible… with Jennifer L. Holm’s three-time Newbery Honor winner Jennifer L. Holm’s New York Times bestseller, a perfect read about a child’s relationship with her grandfather!

When was Jennifer L Holm born?

Holm (born June 16, 1968) is an award-winning American children’s author who has won three Newbery Honors and the Eisner Award.

How many sunny books are there?

( 4 Books ) Sunny Book Series

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Is the fourteenth goldfish a movie?

The animated comedy film adaptation of Holm’s best-selling children’s book “The Fourteenth Goldfish,” which follows a 12-year-old girl whose middle-school life is made even more complicated when her estranged grandfather shows up at her door, having reversed his age to 14.

What is the conflict in the fourteenth goldfish?

The conflict in this book arises when Melvin leaves his discovery in the lab and needs to break in to retrieve it. After several failed attempts, Ellie comes up with the idea of dressing up as a pizza delivery guy, and they are able to gain access to the lab and retrieve the discovery.

What happens at the end of the fourteenth goldfish?

Finally, with their help and imagination, he is able to obtain what he requires to continue his research and move one step closer to realizing his dream of winning the Nobel Prize; however, once the prize is within reach, Melvin decides to discard his findings as a result of Ellie’s advice.

Who are the main characters in the fourteenth goldfish?

There are ten terms in this set.

  • Ellie. The main character and a girl who enjoys science.
  • Ellie’s grandfather. A scientist who is putting his new cure for old age to the test.
  • Ellie’s mother. Ellie’s mother, who enjoys theater.
  • Raj. Likes burritos, just like Ellie.
  • Brianna.
  • Ellie’s father.
  • Ben.
  • Momo.

Is Jennifer L Holm married?

She went to Dickinson College in 1990 and married Jonathan Hamel, who was both a writer and a computer programmer. She has two children, Will and Millie May.

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What is the plot of Turtle in Paradise?

Turtle in Paradise is set during the Great Depression, and Turtle is an eleven-year-old girl who lives with her mother and cat, Smokey, in Key West, Florida, after her mother’s new employer refuses to let Turtle and her cat stay in her house.

What is the first sunny book?

August 25, 2015 u2013 Sunny Side Up (Sunny, Book 1) Paperback u2013 Illustrated

Who is the main character in sunny side up?

Sunny Lewin, 10, the protagonist of “Sunny Side Up,” is thrust into a sad, befuddling void when it happens. We meet Sunny in August 1976 as she arrives by plane in Florida for an impromptu visit with her grandfather at his retirement community.

Is Sunny Side Up a Series?

Sunnyside Up is a web series that premiered on Brat in 2019. It is based on Rhyme McAdams’ fictional story about Lily McKay, who moves in with her aunt in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

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