Question: What Comes After Bob Books?

Five Authors to Read After Bob Books

When your child finishes Bob Books Set 5, he won’t be able to jump right into chapter books; in fact, the five sets plus the two sight word sets don’t cover all of the necessary phonics rules, which is why we’re working on additional curriculum for after Set 5.

#1 Arnold Lobel

Arnold Lobel is best known for his Frog and Toad series of books, which are by far my favorite easy readers of all time. However, Arnold Lobel wrote a lot more, and his other books are also worth reading. Here are a few that we have in our family library.

#2 Else Holmelund Minarik

This is the author’s second set of sweet easy readers, this time illustrated by her favorite illustrator, Maurice Sendak.

#3 Cynthia Rylant

Do you know the Henry and Mudge easy readers series? These sweet stories about a boy and his dog are not to be missed! They are all fantastic, but I prefer the earlier titles, illustrated by Suu00e7ie Stevenson.

#4 Russell Hoban

Russell Hoban has written a number of children’s books, but his most well-known character is Frances, who will make both parents and children laugh. Don’t be fooled by her animal appearance: Frances is a child, just like all children. The author has also written picture books and easy readers.

#5: Peggy Parish

In her brilliant creation of Amelia Bedelia, Peggy Parish is giving children a laughing road to reading. Here are some of our favorite titles to get you started on the path to becoming a fan of the famous book-turned-film-maker, Peggy Parrish.

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How many Bob Books sets are there?

All five sets of Bob books are included.

What grade are Bob Books for?

Each book in the series features a fun, simple story as well as bright illustrations to turn your child into an avid reader. A go-to for kids in preschool to second grade (and a great way to get your child ready for kindergarten), each book in the series is a go-to for kids in preschool to second grade (and a great way to get your child ready for kindergarten).

Do Bob Books teach phonics?

Bob Books is a true first reader series, with a clean layout, short words, and simple phonics that make learning to read a fun and natural step for a child who knows the alphabet.

Do Bob Books work?

While there is no single book that can instantly turn a child into a reader, it is a process with very real stages and steps. I came across the Bob Books sets and have to say that out of all of the early reader series we read at home together, Bob Books was the one that really helped both of my boys learn to read.

Are Bob Books Montessori?

When Caspar was about three years old, I began looking for good Montessori first/early readers, and the Bob Books were the most highly recommended, with the first books focusing on phonetic, CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, similar to the Pink Series.

In what order should I read Bob Books?

The Bob Book Original Sets: Mini Books (in progressive reading order) are listed below.

  • Set 1 Beginning Readers.
  • Set 2 Advancing Beginners.
  • Sight Words Kindergarten.
  • First Stories.
  • Rhyming Words.
  • Set 3 Word Families.
  • My First Bob Books Alphabet.
  • My First Bob Books Pre-Reading Skills.
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Are Bob Books Decodable?

BOB Books are decodable readers, which means the author selects a phonics feature and controls the words that use that feature. BOB Books begin with simple texts, such as those found in Set 1, and focus on letter sounds and word families.

What does Bob Books stand for?

Bobby Lynn Maslen and her husband, John Maslen, created the Bob Books, which were first published in 1976. Bobby Lynn Maslen worked for nine years in cooperative preschool education before becoming a teacher of 3-5 year-olds at a private school in Portland, Oregon, where she created the Bob Books.

Who is Bob Book?

Bob Book, the son of a rabbi and raised on New York’s Lower East Side, is the embodiment of the American Dream. As a child, Book’s idea of boating was riding the Staten Island Ferry, which cost five cents.

Are Bob Books leveled?

Books are color-coded levels, and each book is labeled with the Guided Reading Level, making it simple to select books for your child based on their reading ability.

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