Question: What Are The Archie Comic Books About?

11 Ways ‘Riverdale’ Is Already Different from the ‘Archie’ Comics

Fans of the comic books will remember Hiram Lodge as a doting father who looked out for Archie. The TV version of Veronica Lodge is kinder than the comic book version, and she and Betty are actually friends, rather than fighting over Archie. Mu00e4dchen Amick plays Mrs. Cooper, the editor of the newspaper.

What is the plot of the Archie Comics?

In issues 600u2013602, the story takes a futuristic look at Riverdale teen Archie Andrews’ life in the years after his college graduation, when Archie makes the ultimate decision to marry spoiled rich girl Veronica Lodge rather than sweet girl next door Betty Cooper.

Is Riverdale and Archie Comics the same?

Riverdale is a fictional town in the United States where most of the characters live and appear in Archie Comics, and it is located near the fictional town of Greendale, which is the setting for the Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic book series. It is located near the fictional town of Greendale, which is the setting for the Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic book series.

What is the Archie comic universe?

Archie Comics, founded in 1939, is best known for being the home of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Sabrina, and Josie and the Pussycats. The deal covers the entire Archieverse, including some of the most well-known characters, such as Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica.

Why is Riverdale not like Archie Comics?

Unlike the show, the Archies comics focus on everyday issues that teenagers face, such as love triangles and saving money for dates; however, the show Riverdale immerses Archie and his friends in a world of cults, secrets, violence, crime, and murders.

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Who does Betty marry in Archie Comics?

u201cThe Weddingu201d is Part 2 of the six-issue story arc Archie Marries Veronica/Archie Marries Betty, which began in Archie # 601. It continues the futuristic look into the life of Riverdale teen Archie Andrews and his wedding to longtime girlfriend Veronica Lodge, which began in Archie # 601.

How old is KJ APA now?

So, no, Veronica Lodge is not pregnant, but on a show like Riverdale, you never know.

Is KJ APA dating Clara Berry?

Does Archie love Betty?

Betty and Archie had a tryst at the end of season four, which they initially kept hidden from their significant others. It didn’t amount to much at the timeu2014a kiss, a ballad, and a love song written by Archieu2014but both parties eventually returned to their respective partners.

Is Nancy Drew part of Archie Comics?

It shouldn’t have been difficult to cultivate thrilling stories with the entire Archie comics as a reference, and The CW recently brought another classic story, “Nancy Drew,” to the screen in the hopes of finding the right balance between intriguing stories and the usual cast of attractive actors.

Do Archie Comics still exist?

While its flagship title Archie is still on hiatus, it has already announced that new Archie Comics will be published through the end of 2020 and into 2021.

Who is Archies girlfriend?

Archie is a typical small-town teenager who lives in Riverdale and attends Riverdale High School. His main crush is Veronica Lodge, but he also likes Betty Cooper, forming the love triangle that drives many of the comic’s plot lines.

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Do Archie and Betty end up together?

Yes, Betty and Archie have had sex. In Riverdale season 5, episode 5, the core four reunite for the first time since the time jump, with Archie, who had spent the previous seven years in the US army, being sent back to Riverdale due to PTSD.

Who did Archie end up with?

Part 5: Archie Marries Betty: “You May Kiss The Bride!” (Issue 604) “You May Kiss The Bride!” (Issue 604) “You May Kiss The Bride!” (Issue 604) “You May Kiss The Bride!” (Issue 604) “You May Kiss The Bride!” (Issue 604) “You May Kiss The Bride!” (Issue 604) “You May Kiss The Bride!” (Issue

Is Riverdale Cancelled?

The CW has renewed the critically acclaimed live-action drama based on the iconic Archie Comics characters for a sixth season. The modern and subversive take on the classic Archie Comics characters is currently airing its fifth season.

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