Question: What Are All Of Ellen Hopkins Books?

Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Louise Hopkins is a popular author among young adult and teenage readers, with titles such as Crank, Burned, Impulse, and others. Book links will take you to, where I earn money from qualifying purchases.

Early Life

Ellen Hopkins is a self-proclaimed adopted child of Valeria and Albert Wagner, who found her biological mother, Toni Chandler, in the year 2000. Orion was the inspiration for and is the basis for the baby character in Crank, but the marriage did not work out.

Second Marriage and Beyond

After visiting the Great American Baking Exhibition in Chicago, USA, the idea for writing children’s books germinated.

Meeting Her Publisher and Her Career

At a book festival, Ellen Hopkins met Julia Richardson, who would later become her editor, and by October 2004, Crank had hit the shelves and climbed into the top ten lists; the follow-up book, Crank 2, received similar acclaim.

Excerpts and Reviews of Crank.

Crank was Ellen Hopkins’ first novel, and it quickly rose to the top of the bestselling list thanks to its honest and true-to-life portrayal of a good girl’s addiction to crystal meth. In response to the many questions that readers had after reading Crank, Ellen wrote the sequel Glass.

What order do you read Ellen Hopkins books?

November of the year 2022

  • Crank. Crank (2004) Glass (2007) Fallout (2010)
  • Burned. Burned (2006) Smoke (2013)
  • Impulse. Impulse (2007) Perfect (2011)
  • Triangles. Triangles (2011) Tilt (2012)
  • Love Lies Beneath. Love Lies Beneath (2015) A Sin Such as This (2018)
  • Love Lies Beneath. Love Lies Beneath
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Who is Ellen Hopkins daughter?

Many readers enjoy Hopkins’ writing style, which uses stylized verse rather than more traditional narrative form to convey the story, dialogue, and propel the plot forward. There is a visual element as well as a voice achieved through the use of verse to convey the story, dialog, and propel the plot forward.

What books are in the Crank series?

Ellen Hopkins is a well-known name in the world of Young Adult fiction, having written several New York Times bestselling novels that deal with sensitive adolescent issues such as psychological problems, prostitution, drug addiction, and other issues that today’s youth face.

What is the sequel to crank?

If you like lone wolf avengers, gritty gunfights, and breakneck action, you’ll love M.A. Robbins’ explosive novel of fast-paced apocalyptic violence, The Tilt is the first book in the Tilt post-apocalyptic thriller series.

Is perfect by Ellen Hopkins a series?

Perfect is the sequel to Impulse, a young adult novel written by American author Ellen Hopkins. Like all of Ellen Hopkins’ works, Perfect is unusual for its free verse format.

Where does Ellen Hopkins live?

Ellen Hopkins lives with her family in Carson City, Nevada, where she founded Ventana Sierra, a nonprofit youth housing and resource initiative. She is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous young adult novels as well as adult novels such as Triangles, Collateral, and Love Lies Beneath.

Is crank about Ellen Hopkins daughter?

In 2004, Carson City author Ellen Hopkins released “Crank,” a freestyle verse novel based on her daughter Cristal’s real-life experiences with methamphetamine addiction, which began at the age of 17 during a two-week summer trip to her father’s house.

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Do you have to read the Crank series in order?

In response to the Crank question, the order is crank, glass, and then fallout; and, yes, I believe they should be read in that order, particularly crank and glass.

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