Often asked: What Paper Used In Coloring Books?

Best paper to print coloring pages on for colored pencils?

If you have a favorite pencil, use the timestamps below to jump to that section of the video.

The most common question that I am asked is -“What paper do you print your coloring pages on?“

I’ve printed my digital coloring pages and books on a variety of papers over the years, ranging from cheap copy paper to more expensive artist quality watercolor paper, and I usually choose the medium I want to use first u2013 pencils, markers, or watercolors u2013 and then print on that style of paper.

Which paper is the best for me and the pencils that I own?

By no means am I a coloring or paper expert; the results of my experiments with paper and pencils simply reflect how I color and what feels good to me.

You can see the swatches for each paper below.

The colors produced by different types of pencils vary depending on the type of paper used; you’ll notice that some papers have a more vibrant color, while others have a toothier color, while others have muted colors or even black and white results.

Factors to consider when choosing paper to print coloring pages?

Continue reading to learn more about purchasing paper for your digital coloring pages.


Many types of paper are expensive, and the quality of the paper as well as your intended use for the product can influence how much you spend. For example, I like to print out coloring pages and color them for my own practice and enjoyment, and I frequently use the cheapest copy paper.

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Printer Size

There are differences in standard paper sizing between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia; if the paper is too thick, some home printers will jam or chew up the pages; always test first by purchasing a single sheet, if possible, before investing in a pad or ream.

Cotton/Wood Pulp

Wood pulp paper is generally less expensive than cotton paper, but it is also less durable and long-lasting. It can withstand layering and erasing. For my needs and budget, wood pulp-based paper is fine.

What is the best paper for coloring books?

Actual watercolor paper will give you the best results, as long as your printer can handle it. With super thick paper, such as watercolor paper, a flat feed is required. Many colorists who print on watercolor use student-grade watercolor paper sold in pads, such as Canson.

How do I print a coloring page?

It’s simple to print coloring pages from any computer printer and then color them with crayons or markers. * Macintosh users will need to follow special page setup instructions.

  1. Select “Print Preview” from the “File” menu
  2. “Shrink pages to fit”
  3. “Headers and footers” are deselected
  4. “Print images” is selected.

How do you manufacture a coloring book?

It’s time to get started!

  1. Start drawing. Coloring books have bold black-and-white pages.
  2. Scan. Once the pages are finalized, scan them.
  3. Print. Print all of the pages in the same size.
  4. Make a Cover. Adding a cute cover ties your coloring book together.

What makes a good coloring page?

Consider including shapes of various sizes to keep things interesting and easygoing, as well as to ensure that whoever will be coloring your page will not have to worry about using tools that are too large (e.g., markers with tips that are too big to stay inside the lines of tiny shapes).

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How many pages should my coloring book have?

Creating a Coloring Book A coloring book typically has 16 to 60 pages of black-and-white interior line art, such as the page above from Joni McCracken’s Color Your Essence.

What type of paper is in books?

Most printed books use uncoated paper stocks for the inside pages and a coated cover stock for the cover. Uncoated stocks come in a variety of finishes and paper weights, and uncoated paper comes in two different finishes: vellum and smooth.

How do I make an online coloring page?

Make use of paint

  1. Open Paint.
  2. Click “Image,” then “Attributes.” Locate the Colors section.
  3. Select the Eraser tool.
  4. Select the “Pencil” tool.
  5. Save your file as a JPEG or PNG image.

What is the best free coloring app?

Adult Coloring Apps: The Best Free Apps for iPhone and Android

  1. Pigment is an adult coloring book that is available on Android.

Are coloring books profitable?

They were extremely popular and profitable, and they appeared out of nowhere: in 2014, 1 million coloring books were sold; in 2015, 12 million were sold; and in the first months of 2016, coloring books drove sales in the craft and hobby category up 133 percent.

Do coloring books make money?

Adult coloring books, on the other hand, should be much faster and easier to make, and have the potential to sell much better. If I can get into the top 100, that’s about a thousand sales per day, or $60K per month at $2 profit.

Can you sell coloring book pages?

No problem if you want to sell or give the book away; you can tear it apart and hang the pages on your wall, or sell the individual colored pages if your coloring skills are good enough to create a market value for the finished product.

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How can I make a picture into a coloring page for free?

ScrapColoring also has an online tool that converts your drawings and photos to coloring pages. Lunapic is essentially a free online photo editing web app that includes a feature that lets you make coloring books. Simply upload a picture, and it turns it into a coloring page right away.

Is there an app that turns photos into coloring pages?

The iColor App is free to download on both Android and iOS devices; simply search for u201ciColor App by Mafoolyu201d in the App Store or click here to download.

Is cardstock good for colored pencils?

Using Prismacolor colored pencils on colored cardstock can produce magical results, especially when you discover Emily Midgett’s secret weapon for vibrant results! No-line pencil coloring on colored cardstock is one of my favorite ways to use colored pencils.

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