Often asked: What Company Books Concerts For Third Day?

Third Day

The band’s name is a reference to the biblical accounts of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. In 1993, while still in school, the band saved $3000 to record a full-length studio album, and in 2001, they released their fifth studio album, “Wherever You Are.” Their album “Wherever You Are” debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and also earned the band th

Who writes Third Day songs?

Powell is best known as the lead singer of the contemporary Christian band Third Day, which has sold over 12 million albums in the United States, won two dozen Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association, and won four of the eleven Grammy awards for which they were nominated. Powell was also a writer on most of the band’s albums.

What happened to the group Third Day?

Third Day is calling it quits after 25 years, according to Billboard. u201cWe’ve been talking about it for a while now,u201d Powell says. u201cI’ve had things I’ve wanted to do and Mark is really enjoying writing and David is really enjoying photography now, so our season was coming to a close.

Is the band Third Day still together?

Third Day is still together; Powell is just pursuing a longtime career goal. The band has won four Grammys, 24 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, and is a member of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Why did Tai Anderson leave 3rd?

Why did you leave Third Day? I’m a visionary and competitive person who wanted Third Day to be the biggest, most successful band in our industry. However, my drive was causing me to annoy my partners, and I was losing interest in traveling and playing shows.

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Who is the singer of Third Day?

Mac Powell, the lead singer of Third Day, has revealed that his wife, Aimee, has a brain aneurysm.

Did Mac Powell leave third day?

Powell, who spent 25 years as the lead singer/principal songwriter of the Grammy-winning Christian rock band Third Day before the band called it quits with a sold-out farewell tour in 2018, is well-versed in both rock and Christian music, as well as country music.

What happened Brad Avery?

Third Day guitarist Brad Avery is leaving Christian rock titan Third Day after a 13-year stint in the band to pursue solo projects; he will not be replaced in Third Day, which will continue as a quartet.

When did third day disband?

Powell, who was born in Alabama and moved to Atlanta as a sophomore in high school, has released a country album under the name “Mac Powell and The Family Reunion” since Third Day’s farewell tour in 2018, and is currently working on his debut solo Christian album.

Is Mac Powell still singing?

Powell toured relentlessly for more than 25 years as the frontman for Third Day, one of Christian rock’s most successful bands, until the band disbanded in 2018. Powell’s other musical baby, Mac Powell and the Family Reunion, released two albums in 2018, but is now on hiatus.

How many records has Third Day sold?

THIRD DAY, an Atlanta-based multi-Platinum rock band, has had 31 No. 1 radio singles and sold over nine million albums in the last two decades, earning two RIAA 2x multi Platinum, five Platinum, and 14 Gold certifications.

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