Often asked: What Books Sell Online?

Top 7 Best Websites To Sell Books

Selling books online can be a lucrative business, but you must do your research to understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into. This guide will show you the best website to sell books as well as all of the information you’ll need to get started.

1. BookDeal.com 

BookDeal.com is one of the best book-buying websites, and the company has long recognized that selling textbooks is a difficult task. BookDeal.com makes all of these issues simple and straightforward, and the best part is that we guarantee that you will be paid.

2. Textbooks.com 

Textbooks.com also sells used textbooks directly to college students; if you buy a book and then sell it back, you will receive half of what you paid; the books must be in good condition to qualify; they can have water damage or broken spines.

3. Powell’s Books 

Powell’s Books claims to be the world’s largest independent bookstore; if your book is rejected, they will donate or recycle it; if your book is accepted, you will receive a better price if you choose the store credit option; in either case, they will pay you via PayPal.

4. Chegg

You can ship your books to Chegg for free after selecting a quote, and you can print the free shipping label from their website. Chegg will pay you as soon as they receive your package, but with all the processing and shipping, it could take up to 10 to 15 days.

5. AbeBooks.com 

AbeBooks.com has been in the bookselling business for over ten years, and it allows you to sell your books to booksellers and other collectors. They have millions of titles and are one of the best websites that buy books.

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6. Amazon

You can make significant sales using the Amazon platform if your books are in high demand; you can also create a seller account and list the books you want to sell yourself, though it will take a little more effort on your part because you will have to create a separate product page for each book.

7. eBay 

You can list your textbooks for free for the first 50 listings on sites like Amazon and eBay if you want to sell them online. Keep in mind that you will be charged when you make sales, but the fee is small in comparison to the profit you make.


If you’re looking for the best website to sell books, there are a lot of options. However, not all of them will give you the profit you need, and some will refuse to buy your books, so read the terms and conditions first.

What types of books sell best online?

What are the best-selling books on Amazon?

  • Textbooks would have to be the “gold standard” of used books to sell on Amazon.
  • Niche books.
  • Comic books.
  • Collectibles.
  • Non-fiction.
  • Hardcovers.

Where can I buy books to sell online?

Where To Sell Used Books: 6 Of The Best Online (And In-Store) Options

  • BookScouter.com is a good place to start.
  • Half-Price Books.
  • Amazon.
  • 4. Powell’s Books.
  • Online Buy Back Programs.
  • Your local indie.

Which is the best online shopping site for books?

For all book lovers, we have compiled a list of the Best Websites To Buy Books Online In India 2020.

  • Flipkart.
  • Snapdeal.
  • Paytm Mall.
  • Shopclues.
  • BooksWagon.com.
  • Pustakkosh.com.
  • Buybooksindia.com.
  • Bu
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What is the least popular book genre?

a poll

  • 14 votes: 8.2% dystopian
  • 8 votes: 4.7% supernatural
  • 8 votes: 4.7% fantasy
  • 5 votes: 2.9% thriller
  • 5 votes: 2.9% historical fiction
  • 4 votes: 2.3% memoir
  • 3 votes: 1.8% mystery
  • 2 votes: 1.2% realistic fiction

What book genre sells the most?

What are the most popular book genres right now?

  1. Crime and Thriller.
  2. Religious and Self-help.
  3. Children’s Books u2013 Humor.
  4. Fantasy and Sci-fi u2013 Young Adult.
  5. Fantasy and Sci-fi u2013 Young Adult.

How do I know if my book is worth money?

Fill out this form with enough information to generate a list of comparable copies. You don’t have to include every word of the title or author’s name.

How do I start an online bookstore?

To start an online bookstore, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a business plan.
  2. Insert descriptions and update your homepage.
  3. Solid marketing.
  4. Multiple payment methods.
  5. Add Google Maps to your store.

How can I make money writing books?

Create and sell an online course if you’re a nonfiction author. Set up a crowdfunding campaign on sites like Indiegogo to raise money for expenses. Sell exclusive bonus material, such as additional or extra chapters, poems, or short stories, through your website or Fiverr. Offer a fiction-writing workshop.

Where can I read books online for free?

5 Ways to Get Free Books on the Internet

  • Open Culture.
  • Open Library.
  • Project Gutenberg.
  • The Library of Congress.
  • Google Books. Google Books has a large catalog of free eBooks available online, which you can add to your library and read on the go.

How do I find cheap books?

There are several places to look for used books, including:

  1. Used Bookstores.
  2. Yard Sales.
  3. Library Book Sales.
  4. Online Sellers. When you search for a book on a large online store like Amazon or eBay, you’ll often find secondhand copies selling for minuscule prices.
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Where can I get books for free?

We go into more detail about each one below, but the following sites all have free books online (or curate a collection of them):

  • ManyBooks.
  • Open Culture.
  • Open Library.
  • Overdrive.
  • FanFiction.net.
  • Goodreads.
  • International Children’s Digital Library.
  • Internet Sacred Text Archive.
  • Open Library.

What is the most popular book?

The 25 All-Time Best-Selling Books

  • Don Quixote (500 million copies sold) is number one
  • A Tale of Two Cities (200 million copies sold) is number two
  • The Lord of the Rings (150 million copies sold) is number three
  • The Little Prince (142 million copies sold) is number four
  • and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (107 million copies sold) is number five.

Do ebooks make money?

Because ebooks do not require shipping charges, they are more profitable than print versions. While you cannot expect to make a high sale value for every ebook, you can earn a passive income once you have published around 20 ebooks.

How do you start off a book?

How to Write a Great Hook and Get Your Novel Off to a Flying Start!

  1. Begin at a life-changing moment.
  2. Create intrigue about the characters.
  3. Use a setting as the inciting incident.
  4. Increase the stakes within the first few pages.
  5. Introduce something ominous right away.
  6. Set the mood.

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