Often asked: What Are The Warrior Cats Books Rated?

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Rusty, a small, human-loving kittypet (housecat), longs to be out in the open air, hunting his own prey.

What age should you be to read warrior cats?

The Warriors series, written for emergent readers aged 8 and up, is one of the best in the history of children’s literature. If you’re a parent concerned about the content your children are reading, I applaud you!

Is warrior cats safe for kids?

The books’ content isn’t particularly objectionable, but there is some violence, and the descriptions can be graphic, so parents should be aware that sensitive cat lovers may find it too frightening.

Is warrior cats middle grade?

The Warriors series’ cat characters put in a lot of effort to keep clans from fighting, and the books are appropriate for a middle-grade audience, but some sensitive children, especially big cat lovers, might find the books too violent or sad.

Will warrior cats ever end?

Warriors: Power of Three was completed in spring 2009; Warriors: Omens of the Stars was completed in 2012; Warriors: Dawn of the Clans was completed in 2015; Warriors: A Vision of Shadows was completed in 2018; and Warriors: The Broken Code is still being released in 2020.

What age should read Wings of Fire?

I believe that the youngest age group that should read this book is 8 or 9. I chose 11 because I believe that at this age, children should be able to understand.

Who are the authors of warrior cats?

The series is written by Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Tui T. Sutherland under the collective pseudonym Erin Hunter and published by HarperCollins.

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Is Warrior Cats a movie?

The Warriors film is the working title for a live-action CGI animated film based on the series.

How many authors wrote warrior cats?

Warriors is written by Erin Hunter, a pseudonym for seven people: Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Victoria Holmes, Tui Sutherland, Clarissa Hutton, Gillian Phillip, and Inbali Iserles. Kate and Cherith alternate writing the series, while Vicky used to coordinate everything.

How many warrior cats books are there 2021?

This series is about Rusty, a cat who lives in a house that is invited to Thunderclan, and it contains six books: Into The Wild, Fire, and Ice, Forest of Secrets, Rising Storm, A Dangerous Path, and Darkest Hour.

What Warriors book should I read first?

Dawn of the Clans, or the original Warriors series, should be read first, followed by The New Prophecy, The Power of Three, and finally Omen of the Stars.

How long does it take to read warrior cats?

At a rate of 250 words per minute, the average reader will spend 4 hours and 45 minutes reading this book. Erin Hunter’s #1 national bestselling Warriors series continues with the fourth book in the New Prophecy series!

What grade level is Harry?

However, there are a few age-related guidelines to keep in mind: Harry Potter is classified as a middle-grade read, which means it is appropriate for children aged 9 to 12.

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