Maplestory Where To Get Mastery Books? (Correct answer)

Q: Can you tell me where I can get a mastery book? Both Mastery Books 20 and 30 may be obtained from NPCs in two different locations in MapleStory. Luna may be found at Henesys (a potion store) while Illiad can be found in Leafre (directly above Black Friday maid). The cost of a Mastery Book is 3 million mesos for level 20, and 5 million mesos for level 30, depending on the level.

How do you get a mastery box?

Box of Mastery

  1. Increase the Master Level of a chosen skill from 10 to 20 at a 100% rate by obtaining 500 Spell Trace.
  2. Obtain 500 Spell Trace by obtaining 500 Spell Trace. Increase the Master Level of a selected skill from 20 to 30 at a rate of one hundred percent.

How do I get to Grand Athenaeum?

By clicking on the quest notifier on the left side of the game window, you can accept the mission “[Grand Athenaeum] Visit the Library.” The Dimensional Mirror allows you to travel to the Grand Athenaeum and explore it.

What is Maple guide?

The Maple Guide is a system that recommends training places as well as bosses for players that are within a specified level range of the game. When you are nearing the end of a level, you may utilize this mechanism to teleport there, which can be used to access specific extra content such as bosses.

How do I get to Silent Crusade MapleStory?

The Silent Crusade hideaway may be found in Edelstein’s new shop, which opened recently. As soon as you enter the City Hall, turn right and enter the concealed gateway. Second Mission in the (Silent Crusade)

  1. To begin, speak with Sodane. Then, enter the Mystic Gate in Omega Sector: Kulan Field V and kill Zeno Eclipse. Finally, speak with Starling outside the gate.
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How do you get Star Force MapleStory?

In the lower right corner of the Item Inventory window, click the Equipment Enchant button to enchant your equipment. This will bring up the Equipment Enchantment window on your computer. Drag the piece of equipment into the Equipment Enchant window to begin the process. If there are no upgrade slots available on the equipment, the Star Force UI will be shown automatically.

How do you get Meister rings in MapleStory?

When you acquire the level of Meister Accessory Craftsman, the Meister Ring becomes available for creation. In terms of quality, this item is one of the greatest in its class, and it may be produced numerous times.

How do I turn off Meister effect?

For starters, you may find that your persona has an influence on you that follows you wherever you go. This is referred to as the Meister Effect, and it exists in every profession. If you want to disable or re-enable it, you may do so by going to the Profession Tab and using the Key Bind to toggle it on and off.

What level is master craftsman?

A master craftsman is a generic term that refers to someone who has a great deal of expertise and is extremely proficient in a particular profession. When you are a master craftsman, you have achieved the greatest degree of craftsmanship possible in your field of expertise. To get this title, you must complete years of on-the-job training, progressing from the position of apprentice to journeyman to master.

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