How To Switch Books On Audible? (Best solution)

Instructions for returning or exchanging an Audible book

  1. In the left-hand sidebar, click on “Purchase History.” Make a selection from “Purchase History.” Then, next to the audiobook that you no longer desire, select “Return” or “Exchange.” To return or exchange an audiobook, select the reason for your return or exchange, then click “Return” or “Exchange” to confirm your decision.

How many books can you exchange on audible?

Officially, there is no restriction on the number of members. However, when it comes to self-service returns, there is a limit to what can be done. I personally recently exceeded the limit, so I contacted customer care to inquire about it. Here’s what they informed me: “When the option is accessible online, you can return up to 8 books per six months.”

Does audible let you exchange books?

We have a generous return policy that allows active Audible Premium Plus customers to try out a new narrator or narrative without losing their credit, as well as return titles that were purchased in error. It is necessary to return items within 365 days of purchase. Our ability to provide this insurance is contingent on our members utilizing it solely for the reasons for which it was intended.

Can you listen to multiple books on audible?

Yes! It’s as simple as signing in with the same log-in on numerous devices and you’ll be able to access everything in your library. So Bart has the Audible app installed on his phone, and I have the same app installed on mine. That way, we can both listen to the same things if we wish, or we can both access all of our children’s books on the same device.

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What do I do with finished Audible books?

The Audible credit system is not a library in the traditional sense. Audible books are returned in the same way as books purchased at a local bookshop are returned: the book is taken home, read, and then returned to the store to be exchanged for something else. It is said somewhere in the fine print that Audible allows for two swaps per year.

Can I still listen to Audible books after I cancel?

As long as you don’t return or remove the titles, they’ll remain in your collection. Your Audible account will remain active, and you will be able to download and listen to the titles you have purchased as many times as you like. You may access your collection at any time by logging into or your Audible app.

How do exchanges work on Audible?

We have a generous return policy that allows active Audible Premium Plus customers to try out a new narrator or narrative without losing their credit, as well as return titles that were purchased in error. Audible has the right to terminate or amend the conditions of our returns policy at any time with regard to any or all participants.

How do I get free Audible credits?

In exchange for downloading the Audible app and signing up for the free trial, you’ll receive two free credits if you’re an Amazon Prime member and one credit if you’re not. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you’ll receive one credit. After the 30-day trial period has expired, you will only be charged for the barebones Gold Monthly subscription.

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How do I return a book on audiobooks com?

Click on your name at the top right of the screen, and then on the dropdown menu that appears, select “Account Details.” To view your purchase history, go to your account page and select “Purchase History.” You’ll see a list of all of the audiobooks that you’ve purchased in the previous step. To return to a previous title, click the “Return Title” button next to the title you wish to return to.

Can my wife listen to my Audible books?

It is possible to share your Amazon and Audible books with the other members of your Amazon Household using the Family Library Sharing feature. As an Audible member, you will be able to share any books in your library with the other members of your Amazon Household if they are also members of the same Amazon Household.

How do I add another device to my Audible account?

The method consists in launching the AudibleManager program. Select “Devices” from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Then click on “Add New Device” to begin. The program will prompt you to establish a connection to the Internet.

Do you have to pay for each book on Audible?

Your very first audiobook is completely free. If you’re not sure whether or not you want an Amazon Audible subscription, you may sign up for a 30-day free trial and receive one free audiobook. Before I signed up for a recurring subscription that would require me to pay a monthly cost, I went through this process.

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Why do books disappear from Audible?

It is normally the case that all Audible material is only accessible through the Audible application, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. However, you may find that titles take longer to show, or that your purchased audiobooks haven’t been confirmed yet, causing downloaded Audible books to vanish from your account.

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