How To Store Lego Instruction Books?

Instructions for bigger Lego sets (modular sets, for example) are all contained in a single binder in this manner, with each set having its own page protector to safeguard the instructions. A binder containing just instruction booklets of this size is useful for archiving information.

Should I keep LEGO instructions?

In the end, one of the most important reasons to save your instruction manuals is for the benefit of any children in your life. When youngsters come to visit and express an interest in seeing the LEGO Shed (as they almost always do), I always give them the box containing the instruction books. They choose the set they want to create and then set out to create it.

How do I store my kids LEGO creations?

Drawers for storing LEGO are a common choice among collectors. To organize LEGO bricks by color or by set, you may utilize storage drawers. The size of your drawers and the quantity of your collection will determine how much space you will need. In order to organize by color, use a drawer for each color, and in order to organize by set, use enough drawers to hold each set separately.

Can I sell LEGO instructions?

There are four correct answers. Selling used LEGO is absolutely allowed, at least in the majority of legal jurisdictions. One of the most fundamental property rights is the ability to transfer ownership as long as both parties are in agreement on the conditions of the transfer. Even selling products that are protected by copyright (instruction manuals, box art, games, and so on) is permissible under the first-sale doctrine.

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Are Lego instruction books online?

Thousands of LEGO instruction books are now accessible for download on our website. Instruction manuals for many of our older and newer sets may be found by searching by theme or year on our website. You may get them downloaded immediately and you’ll be ready to start building!

What is the best way to store LEGO?

Whenever it comes to keeping your LEGO® bricks, it is always best to keep them somewhere dry and away from any heat sources. In order to avoid bricks becoming brittle and discolored over time, it is advisable not to keep them at full sunlight or in temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

How do you store completed Legos?

Disassemble them and place the components in a zip lock bag before placing them in a box. If you wish to change up your displays, you can always rebuild your displays since they will stay much cleaner.

How do you store Legos long term?

Bricks made of plastic

  1. Keeping bricks away from natural light can help to keep their color vibrant longer. (Models at Legoland Miniland are vulnerable to weather conditions throughout the year. Preserve heat by storing bricks at room temperature in a dry area (such as a closet). Dust – Bricks should be stored in airtight containers.

Are custom LEGOs legal?

Patents are issued to protect Legos, and patents are subject to expiration. You guessed it, they’ve run out of time. Anyone with access to a manufacturing facility can produce Lego-compatible blocks. Custom-made Lego Minifigures are not allowed to be sold.

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What does MOC in LEGO stand for?

“MOC” is an abbreviation for MY OWN CREATION. They are one-of-a-kind creations that are not currently available on the market, created by LEGO enthusiasts (also known as AFOLs, or adult LEGO fans), or TFOLs, or teen LEGO fans.

Are LEGO sets copyrighted?

Our building instructions, publications, and photos used in our catalogs and on our packaging are all owned by the LEGO Group, which also owns the copyright to them. Infringing on our intellectual property rights by copying, scanning, and disseminating these items on the Internet would be illegal.

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