How To Order Scholastic Books Online For The Teacher? (Perfect answer)

Families: Place an order for books that your child will like reading.

  1. Visit and select CONNECT TO YOUR TEACHER from the drop-down menu. Contact your child’s teacher by entering their Class Code or by conducting a search for your child’s school by zip code or city/state.

How do teachers get books from Scholastic?

Make a submission to Scholastic with your class order and you’ll receive FREE Books and materials for your school. The Book Box has been delivered to your class. It’s time to become excited about reading!

Can I order directly from Scholastic?

It’s possible to order items from Scholastic Book Clubs’ online pop-up store for parents and have them sent directly to their homes while still earning extra points for your child’s class and teacher. Orders of $25 or more are eligible for free standard delivery, which is an additional bonus.

Is Scholastic free for teachers?

The lessons were created by Scholastic editors in an effort to lessen the amount of planning required by teachers and families who need to guarantee consistency in everyday learning activities. The digital hub will be available for free and without restrictions indefinitely.

How much do teachers get from Scholastic book orders?

According to the campaign that Scholastic is now running, this is typically $5 for the teacher for every $20 that kids spend on Scholastic products. That may be used to purchase one or two new books, or even a bundle of five novels, depending on your preference.

Can homeschoolers order from Scholastic?

Can homeschoolers take use of the Scholastic Book Club? The short answer is: Without a doubt! “If you are an official homeschool with a curriculum, and your child does not attend or is linked with a separate school, a home school account may be required,” the company’s website says in part.

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How do I order Scholastic flyers?

If you require flyers, you may place an order for the catalogs you wish to get at and they will be sent to you at your school. Make sure to write your Class Activation Code in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Parents may use your unique activation code to link directly to you at, which will take them straight to your website.

How do I find my scholastic teacher code?

You will find this access code printed on the first page of the Teacher’s Guide that you will get with your issues, and we will also send it to you via email at the start of the school year.

How do new teachers get books?

Instructions on how to obtain free books for teachers

  • Child Literacy Foundation of America, Book Bank, Kids Need to Read, Library of Congress, Reading Resource Project, Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program, Dollar General Literacy Foundation

How does Scholastic Book Club work for teachers?

Teachers can place a class order with Scholastic Book Clubs online, or via mail, fax, or phone, depending on their preference. Students who made an order for books to take home and retain are given books by their teachers to take home and keep. When instructors place orders for their classes, they earn Bonus Points and other prizes that they may redeem for FREE Books and other classroom materials.

Does Scholastic have free online books?

Free online books and lessons are being offered by Scholastic to make it easier for parents and teachers to entertain young learners.

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How can I get free Scholastic books?

Contact us at or 1-800-SCHOLASTIC (800-724-6527), or contact me personally at [email protected], and we would be happy to assist you at any time. Scholastic Book Clubs’ monthly prizes bring FREE Books to your class in order to assist your students in discovering the joy and power of reading for pleasure on their own.

Where can I find a teacher lesson plan?

Free Lesson Planning Resources for Teachers: The Best of the Best

  • Epic!
  • EDSITEment.
  • NCTM Illuminations.
  • ReadWriteThink.
  • PhET.
  • Scholastic.
  • The Stanford History Education Group.
  • PBS LearningMedia.
  • ReadWriteThink.
  • PhET.

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