How To Add Books To Overdrive Bookshelf? (Solved)

On Android, Fire tablets, Chromebooks, and iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) devices, the following is true: Open the Home menu by tapping the menu icon in the top-left area of the program, then select Bookshelf from the drop-down menu. On Windows 8 and Windows 10: Return to the Bookshelf by clicking or tapping the Back arrow in the top-left corner of the app until you are back there (home screen).

How do I add books to my OverDrive library?

Add a library in OverDrive for Android and Fire tablets by following the steps outlined below.

  1. To access the Home menu in the OverDrive app, press the symbol in the top-left corner of the screen. Select Manage libraries from the drop-down menu. To look for your library, press the button. Enter the name, city, or postal code of your local library in the search box, and then click Search. Select your library from the drop-down menu, then select the.

How do you add books to bookshelf?

Enter your email address and password to log into Bookshelf Online (

  1. Choose Tools () Redeem Codes from the menu bar that runs along the top of the page. To redeem your redemption code, enter it into the code box and click Redeem. Your new book(s) will be added to your library’s collection. To read a book, simply tap on its cover.

How do you use bookshelf in OverDrive?

If you’re using the Overdrive app, go to the Get Books menu from within the app and then sign in using the link in the upper right hand corner. Once you have logged in, go to the Account menu option on the menu bar (or the icon shaped like a person). This will take you directly to the bookshelf on your Overdrive account.

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Can I add any library to OverDrive?

It is possible to borrow titles from any library so long as you have a library card for that particular library. Using the drop-down menu on the sign-in screen, choose your regular library from the list, and then sign in using your regular library card and PIN (if required).

How do I read library books on OverDrive?

In order to get started, open your web browser and request a copy of a title from your library that is available in the OverDrive Read format. Afterwards, click or press the Read now in browser icon to begin reading it right now using the OverDrive Read application.

Does Libby and OverDrive have the same books?

OverDrive has just introduced a new app called Libby. It contains the same selection of titles as the OverDrive app; it’s just a different method of accessing the same digital library collection as the OverDrive app. More devices are compatible with OverDrive, which is the “traditional” app. It is also compatible with the Kindle Fire and Windows mobile devices.

Can I download books from Bookshelf?

The Bookshelf native app versions allow you to download a single eBook or your full collection to the Bookshelf Library from your mobile device. eBooks may be read anywhere, at any time, with or without internet connection.

How do I find my eBook access code?

You should look for the access code in the first few pages of the book or in the printed access kit that is shrinkwrapped with the textbook if you purchased a new textbook. If you bought a secondhand textbook, it is likely that the access code has already been used.

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How do I access an eBook on RedShelf?

In what location will I be able to locate my RedShelf Access Code?

  1. Pay a visit to your white label. Sign in to your RedShelf account or create a new one. Following successful login, click the ‘Redeem an Access Code’ option, which may be found on the ‘My Shelf’ page of your account. When you enter your redemption access code, your book will display on the ‘My Shelf’ area of your account.

How do you share books on bookshelf?

How to Distribute Bookshelf Information to Others

  1. On the Online Bookshelf, activate [Make this Bookshelf accessible to others] by clicking on it (for PC).
  2. Select the Facebook, Twitter, or Copy Link buttons. Simply send the link URL to the person with whom you desire to share your Bookshelf data when you have copied the link URL.

How do I use OverDrive without a library card?

When you enable the quick access function at your library, customers will be given with the option of gaining access to your digital collection by providing their cell phone number to the system. In both your library’s OverDrive-powered website and the Libby app, they receive a prompt when they first log in.

Why wont my audiobooks play on OverDrive?

Turn your device fully off and then back on again to cancel downloads, reboot, and re-download. Open the OverDrive app and choose the bookshelf from the drop-down menu. To download the title from the Files menu, tap the title that is causing problems and then Yes.

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How many libraries can you have on OverDrive?

The ability to borrow ebooks from multiple OverDrive library accounts is restricted to ebook loans only. There is just one library that may be accessed for the purpose of perusing the OverDrive catalogue. This workaround necessitates the use of the Libby app on a mobile device or the OverDrive catalogue online for each library in order to borrow ebooks.

Can you have two libraries on OverDrive? is a website where you may create and manage your library accounts. Once you’ve set up various libraries on your Overdrive account, all you have to do is sync your devices in order for your borrowed ebooks to display on the Aura One. You may install it on a phone or tablet and configure it to access numerous libraries while also synchronizing with your Kobo reader.

How does OverDrive work with library?

OverDrive is a free service provided by your local library or school that allows you to borrow digital content (such as ebooks and audiobooks) at any time and from any location without a library card. All you need to get started with free digital content from your local library or school is a library card or a student identification card to get started.

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