How Many Postsecret Books Are There? (Solved)

Frank Warren is an American actor and director. The reaction was astounding, with Frank receiving more than 1,000,000 anonymous postcards and counting as of this writing. All six PostSecret novels have been on the New York Times Best Sellers List at one point or another.

What happened to PostSecret?

The PostSecret app has been decommissioned, however the blog is still up and operational. PostSecret PostSecret, the prominent blog and new-media project that has long provided individuals with a safe space to disclose their deepest, darkest ideas, today stated that it has suspended operations on its fledgling iPhone application owing to malicious comments.

Does PostSecret still exist?

PostSecret is a community postal art project started by Frank Warren in 2005 that allows individuals to send their secrets anonymously through the mail using a handcrafted postcard. After that, the secrets are either placed on the PostSecret website or utilized in one of the organization’s books or museum displays.

Why did PostSecret address change?

It is an ongoing community postal art project founded by Frank Warren in 2005 in which individuals anonymously submit their secrets on a handcrafted postcard to be received by the artist. Some of the more interesting secrets are then published on the PostSecret website, or they are incorporated in PostSecret’s publications or museum displays.

How long has PostSecret been around?

The PostSecret project began in 2004, when you handed out postcards to strangers and asked them to send in their most sensitive secrets anonymously.

How do you do a post secret?

Almost everything can be revealed, as long as it is true and you have never before discussed it with anybody. Make your 4-by-6-inch postcards out of whatever mailable material that you want to use. If you wish to reveal two or more secrets at the same time, send out numerous postcards. On one side of the postcard, write your whole secret and a photograph of yourself.

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Who started Post Secret?

As part of a community art project, Frank Warren launched PostSecret, in which he allowed absolute strangers to anonymously mail in their secrets on a handcrafted postcard manufactured by himself. This little deed created a global craze that continues to this day. Frank has received more over one million secrets in his mailbox, with new ones arriving every day except Sunday, according to his records.

How does PostSecret make money?

But founder Frank Warren has remained, some might say stubbornly, committed to an unprofitable business model that forgoes paid advertising and other revenue streams in order to keep his project “pure.” The only income Warren receives comes from royalties from books that collect secrets around a central theme, as well as fees for consulting services on the project.

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