How Many Dear America Books Are There?

By 1998, there were 12 publications in the series, with a total of 3.5 million copies in print. Hear My Sorrow, the series’ last installment, was released in 2004 and marked the series’ end. Although it was first introduced in the fall of 2010, it was revived in the spring of 2011. Throughout the series, each book is written in the manner of a journal of a young woman’s life through significant events or times in American history.

How many books are in dear America?

Dear America: A Novel Series ( 43 books )

What is the newest Dear America book?

A striking new sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling Dear America novel, THE WINTER OF RED SNOW, from author Kristiana Gregory! Abigail Jane Stewart returns in this brand-new sequel to THE WINTER OF RED SNOW, which was released in December of 2017.

Are the Dear America books historically accurate?

It’s possible that you missed out on the Dear America books when they were first published, but you should be aware that they were a remarkable series: they were fictitious “diaries” of young women and girls from throughout American history. Those novels maintained the integrity of the story.

Are the Dear America books real diaries?

Each book in the series was a fictional journal of a fictional girl who was going through genuine historical events at the time of publication. There was a photograph of the girl on the front as well as an indication of the event or era on the back, which read: The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl, Belmont Plantation, Virginia, 1859, underneath the title.

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How many books are in the Dear Canada series?

Dear Canada: A Novel Series ( 37 books )

Is Hattie Campbell a real person?

She was the daughter of Augusta and Charles Campbell, and she was born on January 15, 1834, in the town of Hattie, Illinois.

What reading level is Dear America books?

Dear America is a series of historical fiction novels aimed towards girls between the ages of eight and fourteen.

How many My Story books are there?

The My Story (United Kingdom) television series ( 43 books )

Is Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie a true story?

From the real-life tragedy of the Donner party, who became stranded in the mountains when winter arrived, to the portraits of courageous women and men who dreamed of a better life, Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie helps readers put human faces and emotions to an important part of American history. Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie is a novel about the Donner Party, who became stranded in the mountains when winter arrived.

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