How Many Books Will Be In The Wings Of Fire Series? (Question)

Wings of Fire (15-book series) is available in Kindle format.

Will there be Wings of Fire Book 14?

On March 2, 2021, the hardcover edition of The Dangerous Gift (Wings of Fire, Book 14) will be released. Find out about all of the novels, as well as the author’s biography and more.

How many books are in the Wings of Fire series 2021?

This boxed set contains five additional thrilling dragon adventures from the blockbuster Wings of Fire series, which includes Moon Rising, Winter Turning, Escaping Peril, Talons of Power, and Darkness of Dragons. Moon Rising is the first book in the Wings of Fire series, which has been rated #1 on Amazon.

How many books are in the Wings of Fire series 2020?

The story is now divided into three arcs, each of which centers on young dragons that are tasked with fulfilling prophesies in a magical realm. Each arc is comprised of five novels, each of which focuses on a different protagonist whose tale is portrayed from a third-person restricted point of view in the third book.

Is there a Wings of Fire book 16?

This book contains the following chapters: The Poison Jungle (The Lost Continent Prophecy) -Wings of Fire book 14- Prisoners (with Winglet) -Wings of Fire book 15- Assasin (with Winglet) -Wings of Fire book 16- Deserter (Winglet) -Wings of Fire book 17 is available.

What is book 15 of Wings of Fire called?

The Lights of Hope are ablaze (Wings of Fire, Book 15)

How much is Wof book 14?

Hardcover. $14.99 $16.99 You save 12 percent on this purchase. You’ll save a total of 12 percent.

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Is Wings of Fire book 15 the last book?

Protagonist(s) A new novel, The Flames of Hope, will be published in November as the fifteenth installment in the New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series and the fifth book in the third arc. Luna is the primary character in the story. The current publishing date is April 5th, 2022, according to the calendar. It is preceded by The Dangerous Gift, which is a thriller.

What is Wings of Fire book 17 called?

Fans may help by editing the Wings of Fire Wikia’s Book 17: Winged and Crazy page.

How old is Darkstalker in Wings of Fire?

Clearsight was 5 years old when Darkstalker was laid to rest. Darkstalker is one year older than Clearsight in terms of chronological age. Darkstalker has a rank of 6.

How many chapters are there in Wings of Fire?

At the time of Darkstalker’s burial, Clearsight had reached level 5. In comparison to Clearsight, Darkstalker is a year older. the eponymous Darkstalker is six years old

Who does Clay Love Wings of Fire?

But, at the same time, Clay and Peril’s relationship has seen significant growth, and Clay is gaining confidence in his ability to love Peril. Personally, I believe he feels the same way about her. A large number of individuals are shipping this one. Clay and Tsunami began to form a relationship, and Tsunami complimented Clay on his appearance on at least two occasions.

What will Wings of Fire book 18 be called?

Death and Insanity is the title of Book 18.

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What is the most powerful dragon tribe in Wings of Fire?

RainWings are by far the most effective type of spell.

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