How Many Books Will Be In The Unwanteds Series? (Best solution)

The Unwanteds are a group of people who are not desired.

The Unwanteds Island of Silence Island of Fire Island of Legends Island of Shipwrecks Island of Graves Island of Dragons (Complete Collection ISBN 1481468863)
Author Lisa McMann
Published 2011–2016
Media type Print, digital, audio
No. of books 7


How many books will be in the Unwanteds quests series?

There are a total of seven novels in this series. Choose the quantity of goods you wish to purchase from the drop-down menu.

Will there be more Unwanteds books?

How many more “unwanted quests” novels do you want to create in the future? Lisa McMann is a writer and editor based in New York City. There will be a total of seven Unwanteds Quests novels published, with the last book scheduled to be released on January 26, 2021. Furthermore, there are seven in the original Unwanteds series. And that will be the end of it.

Will the Unwanteds become a movie?

Although there is no film in the works at this moment, I receive requests for it on a regular basis. Please contact my film agency in Hollywood.

Will there be an Unwanteds Quest book 8?

Unwanted Quests: Dragon Fury is the seventh book in the Unwanteds Quests series and the final book in the Unwanteds series overall. It is scheduled to be published on February 2, 2021.

Is there romance in the Unwanteds quests?

During the first book, it was established that they had a mutual romantic attraction in one another’s company. Alex, on the other hand, has a major crush on him, while Lani has a crush on him as well. It’s not until the conclusion of the first book that Alex begins to enjoy her more in this manner. They are not formally united at the end of the first book, but they are believed to be an item of some type.

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Is the Unwanteds series finished?

At the conclusion of Island of Graves, the sixth volume in the dystopian fantasy series, which Aladdin will publish on September 15, readers will be given an exclusive sneak peek at the cover and title of the seventh and final Unwanteds novel, which will be released in April 2016.

Is Alex really dead in Unwanteds?

Alex passed away unexpectedly. There was no one near him who was attempting to save him or conversing with him. It was merely that he was pushed back and killed as a result. For the first season, Alex served as the central character.

Who is Lani in the Unwanteds?

A unexpected death occurred in Alex’s case. Everyone else in the room seemed to be focused on saving or conversing with him. All that happened was that he was pushed back and killed as a result. For the first season, Alex served as the primary character.

What should I read if I like Unwanteds?

Your Next 5 Books: a young novel in the vein of The Unwanteds 10781256

  • The Fairy-Tale Detectives is a novel written by Michael Buckley. Chris Colfer’s novel, The Wishing Spell, was published in 2005. The book was published in 2012, and the author is /
  • Rump. Liesl Shurtliff’s Rumpelstiltskin: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin Cornelia Funke’s novel Inkheart was published in 2013. Heather Terrell’s book, Relic, was published in 2003. The year 2013 is the year of the publication of the book.

Who is the villain in the Unwanteds?

The primary adversaries. High priestess Justine – The high priestess of Quill is the highest ranking female priest. During the duel between Quill and Artime, Lani quickly dispatches her. Originally named Gondoleery, she became the new high priestess of Quill after Aaron was abducted by pirates from the Island of Fire in the sixth novel.

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