How Many Books In The Walking Dead? (Solved)

There are a total of eight novels in this series. Choose the quantity of goods you wish to purchase from the drop-down menu.

What order do you read The Walking Dead books?

The Walking Dead novels are read in chronological sequence.

  • The Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman.
  • The Fall of the Governor Part One by Robert Kirkman.
  • The Rise of the Governor by 6375.
  • The Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman. Robert Kirkman’s Invasion
  • Jay Bonansinga’s Search and Destroy
  • The Fall of the Governor Part Two
  • The Return to Woodbury

Does The Walking Dead have books?

Robert Kirkman, the famed comic book auteur and creator of The Walking Dead, has penned a new series of all-original books that are rooted in the horrifying mythos of the Eisner Award-winning comic book series.

How many volumes are in The Walking Dead Compendium?

In this enormous paperback collection, you’ll find the first eight volumes of the fan-favorite, New York Times Best Seller series, all in one convenient location! This volume collects issues #1-48 of The Walking Dead.

Is The Walking Dead comics finished?

Issue #193 of The Walking Dead brought the tale to a screeching halt for fans. The news of the end of the comic book series, as well as the announcement of the end of the comic book series, came as a surprise to fans on both sides, who had not anticipated either of these pronouncements.

Are The Walking Dead books canon?

When it comes to The Walking Dead media, the Comic Universe is a series of The Walking Dead media that is canon inside the same universe as the original Comic Series. It comprises of thirty-two volumes of the Comic Series, eight specials, three graphic novels, ten books, six video games, two shorts, and a podcast, among other things.

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Where can I read The Walking Dead comic book?

On the internet, companies such as Image Comics and Comixology allow you to purchase comic books that you can then read on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Image Comics is the fastest-growing source for comic book reading.

How many issues are in the walking dead book one?

This enormous hardback collection collects the first 12 issues of the popular comic series, as well as the covers for each issue, in one convenient location. Long-time fans, new readers, and anybody in need of a slightly weighty object with which to fend off the walking dead will find this item to be ideal.

What is the storyline for The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead follows the narrative of the months and years that follow a zombie apocalypse on the American television network AMC. After being abandoned by their loved ones and forced to travel, a group of survivors lead by former police officer Rick Grimes sets out in quest of a safe and secure place to live.

How did the walking dead virus start?

According to the smoking guy, the facility had multiple teams (he specifically cites the Violet team and the Primrose team) who were all working on a project that would eventually become the dreaded virus from The Walking Dead.

How big is a compendium?

The A4 Compendium is a collection of documents in A4 format. When vendors refer to an A4 compendium, they are often referring to a compendium that is about the same size as the A4 paper size, which is 21.7cm (L) × 21cm (W) (W).

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Is The Walking Dead Compendium the same as the comics?

Compendiums of The Walking Dead (Graphic Novels) The Walking Dead Compendium editions are massive compilations of over 40 comic book issues that are all contained into a single volume. That the Compendiums combine all of the issues into a single tale without the use of comic book covers to distinguish between each issue or chapter is both fantastic and bizarre.

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