How Many Books In The Trials Of Apollo?

Apollo’s Trials and Tribulations

Logo of the series
The Hidden Oracle (2016) The Dark Prophecy (2017) The Burning Maze (2018) The Tyrant’s Tomb (2019) The Tower of Nero (2020)
Published 2016–2020
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback), audiobook, e-book
No. of books 5


Is there a book 6 in trials of Apollo?

After years of characters and conflicts, Rick Riordan has released the last book in the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles. 6 and is the fifth book in the “Trials of Apollo” series, Rick Riordan has released the final book in the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles.

Is Percy Jackson in any of the trials of Apollo books?

That is the underlying message of The Trials of Apollo, Book One, The Hidden Oracle, the first book in Rick Riordan’s new mythology series for children aged 10-14, which begins with The Hidden Oracle. In enters Percy Jackson, the main character of Riordan’s best-selling book, to save the day.

Is the trials of Apollo book series finished?

Rick Riordan presents his epic narrative, which began in 2005 with The Lightning Thief and has finally reached its climax with The Tower of Nero, the fifth and final novel in the Trials of Apollo series. At least for the time being. We chatted with Riordan about the conclusion of this adventure, as well as what is to come in the future.

Is trials of Apollo book 4 out?

It is scheduled to be released on September 24, 2019 in hardcover as The Tyrant’s Tomb (The Trials of Apollo, Book Four).

Is Rick Riordan making a new book series after trials of Apollo?

The characters Nico di Angelo and Will Solace will be the centerpiece of Rick Riordan’s forthcoming Camp Half-Blood novel. After the events of the most current Percy Jackson-related novel, The Trials of Apollo, Nico finds himself in the aftermath of the next book, which has not yet been given a title.

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Is Magnus chase after trials of Apollo?

VI. In this episode, Magnus Chase discovers that a new demigod has been created, this time from Norse mythology. He is a homeless youngster from Boston who is attempting to figure out who he really is…. What exactly is it? You can read this series before or after “The Trials of Apollo,” depending on your preference.

Is Percy in the Kane Chronicles?

Fans of Rick Riordan, your wish for the impossible has finally come true. It has been revealed that the author has created a crossover novel that includes both Carter Kane and Percy Jackson! The short story, titled “The Son of Sobek,” will be included in the paperback edition of Riordan’s third book of the Kane Chronicles, The Serpent’s Shadow, which will be released later this year.

Is Leo Valdez in The Trials of Apollo?

Jason Grace and Piper McLean are great friends with Leo Valdez, who is the 15-year-old demigod son of Hephaestus and the late Esperanza Valdez. He is also one of the protagonists in the Heroes of Olympus book series, and also appears as a supporting protagonist in the Trials of Apollo novel series.

Does Apollo become a god again in The Trials of Apollo?

Apollo, along by his new master Meg McCaffrey, is dispatched on a journey to secure the Oracles, and it is assumed that he would have to battle his old foe Python in order to regain his godhood. In the aftermath of Apollo’s victory over Python, he is reinstated as a deity.

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How many pages are in the trials of Apollo book 2?

The plot is delivered in third person point of view, with chapters rotating between Percy, Hazel, and Frank every four chapters, just as it was in the previous book. There are a total of fifty-two chapters in this book.

Will there be a fourth Percy Jackson book series?

There isn’t much information available about the book right now, other than the fact that it will be released in 2023 and that it will take place in the universe of our favorite Greek demigod (let the plot-point theorizing begin).

What happens in trials of Apollo Book 4?

Having survived his previous adventures, Apollo embarks on his last journey to Camp Jupiter, where he must either understand what it is to be a hero or perish trying. At various points in his quest to restore five ancient oracles and recover his celestial abilities, Apollo (also known as Lester Papadopoulos) has seen successes and disasters alike.

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