How Many Books In The Selection Series? (Perfect answer)

There are a total of 5 novels in the series. Choose the quantity of goods you wish to purchase from the drop-down menu.

What order should I read the selection series?

The Selection Series is listed in chronological order by publication.

  1. In addition to The Selection (2012), The Elite (2013), The Prince (Novella) (2013), The Guard (Novella) (2014) and The One (2014), there is also The One (Novella) (2015). The Queen (Novella) (2014)
  2. The Queen (Novella) (2013)
  3. The Heir (2015)
  4. The Favorite (Novella) (2015)

How old is America in The Selection?

She is sixteen years old and goes by the name of America Singer. She and her family live in the village of Illéa, which is organized according to a number caste system. The Singer family is a Five, which means they are obligated to perform as artists and musicians in order to maintain their status.

What is happily ever after about Kiera Cass?

Meet Prince Maxon before he fell in love with America, and a young lady named Amberly before she rose to the position of Queen of the United Kingdom. The Selection is seen from the eyes of two characters: a guard who saw his first love go away and a girl who fell in love with a boy who wasn’t the Prince of Wales.

Who did Aspen end up with?

The end of the novel concludes with Aspen and Lucy kissing in front of America, causing her to recognize and embrace their relationship for the first time.

What is the longest book in the selection series?

As a result, it does not contain any information concerning Eadlyn’s Selection, as it does in The Heir and The Crown novels. It is the longest book in the Selection Series, clocking in at 416 pages.

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How old is Maxon in The Selection book?

According to America, Maxon is a towering figure in comparison to his mother. It’s possible that if Maxon weren’t the prince and had the option to pursue a profession as a photographer, his caste would be a 5, as America said in The One. Maxon was initially supposed to be 23 years old, according to a deleted scene from the film.

Who is the girl on The Selection cover?

It was the first time she saw the cover of The Selection, which featured a model – Audrey Hollister, who dressed as America in a ruffled blue ballgown. “They knocked it out of the park on the first try,” she remarked of the cover.

Is America’s Dad a rebel?

During the course of the Selection Series, Shalom Singer played a supporting role. He was the father of America Singer. Shalom was a member of the Five and a Northern insurgent.

How old is May singer in The Selection?

May is America’s thirteen-year-old clone and a good friend. Her fiery disposition is only rivaled by her fiery red hair, both of which are characteristics she shares with her elder sister and her loving mother.

What happens to America in the selection series?

American mini-me May is thirteen years old and lives in the same house as her mother. Her fiery disposition is only rivaled by her fiery red hair, both of which are characteristics she shares with her elder sister and her adoring mother, who she adores.

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What should I read after the selection?

The Selection is one of eight books like it.

  • Delirium is written by Lauren Oliver. Wither is written by Lauren Destefano. The Red Queen is written by Victoria Aveyard. Numbers Game is written by Rebecca Rode. The UnTied Kingdom is written by Kate Johnson. XVI is written by Julia Karr. Pawn is written by Aimee Carter. Chains of Gold is written by Nancy Springer.

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