How Many Books Are There In The Alex Cross Series? (Correct answer)

As of now, there are 29 volumes in the standard Alex Cross book series, as well as two novellas, in the series (aka Alex Cross BookShots). Please see the following list for a complete listing of all the novels in chronological order (including novellas) if you prefer to read them in sequence: 1) A Spider appeared out of nowhere (1993)

How many books are in the Cross series?

The Metropolitan Police Department investigator and father Alex Cross is the subject of the New York Times bestselling crime, mystery, and thriller books. As he battles dangers to his family and the city of Washington, D.C., the novels are set in the United States. The book series, which is presently under progress, consists of a total of 29 volumes.

How many books are in the Alex?

The explosive action series, which is geared at 9-12-year-olds, was initially published in 2000 and has since grown to include eleven volumes, a prequel called Russian Roulette, and a variety of graphic novel versions, among other things.

Is there an Alex Cross 2?

Kiss the Girls: (Alex Cross, Book 2) Kindle edition by Alex Cross.

Does Alex Cross remarry?

They tie the knot at Cross Fire, putting an end to Alex’s bad luck for good.

Do you need to read the Alex Cross books in order?

The Alex Cross series is not a short one, thus it is important to read them in order. If you haven’t already, it’s advised that you read the novels in order, even if you don’t intend to spoil the previous volumes if you haven’t already done so.

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How many Alex Cross books were made into movies?

A total of three films based on Patterson’s Alex Cross novels have been made: Kiss the Girls (1997), Along Came a Spider (2001), and Alex Cross (2012), all of which starred Morgan Freeman as Cross. Patterson’s Alex Cross books have also been turned into three television series.

Are there more Alex Cross movies?

Currently, there are three Alex Cross films in production. When it came to the first two films, Morgan Freeman played Alex Cross; however, the third film had Tyler Perry as the character.

Is there an Alex Rider book 12?

Coming soon from worldwide acclaimed author Anthony Horowitz is the twelfth and final exciting book in the Alex Rider series. Watch how the world’s finest young spy heads off to Gibraltar following the death of Scorpia and gets into a war against the Nightshade criminal organization, which has emerged in the wake of Scorpia’s murder.

Will there be a 15th Alex Rider book?

Anthony Horowitz’s first Alex Rider novel was published 15 years ago this month, and Walker Books is celebrating by publishing new versions of the complete series. Anthony Horowitz’s first Alex Rider novel was published 15 years ago this month, and Walker Books is celebrating by publishing new versions of the complete series.

Will there be a 13th Alex Rider book?

A new novel by Anthony Horowitz, the New York Times bestselling author of the Alex Rider series, is scheduled to be released in April 2020, according to recent announcements. The soon-to-be-released novel, titled Nightshade, is the thirteenth installment in the Alex Rider series collection.

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How many actors have played Alex Cross?

It is based on the fictitious figure of Alex Cross, who first appeared in a series of novels written by James Patterson, that this collection of thriller films was created. Cross has been played by two different actors throughout the three-film series.

Is Seven An Alex Cross movie?

For marketing purposes, the film’s title was altered to “I, Alex Cross,” which is the title of another Patterson novel. The script, on the other hand, is a very loose adaptation based on CROSS; there are few parallels between the book and the screenplay. McGinley previously featured in Se7en (1995), in which he co-starred with Morgan Freeman, who played the original Alex Cross.

What book is the Alex Cross movie based on?

In this film, Alex Cross is based on the 2006 novel Cross by James Patterson, and it is the third episode of the Alex Cross film series, which was regarded to be a reboot of the Alex Cross series. Morgan Freeman has previously performed the title character in the films Kiss the Girls (1997) and Along Came a Spider (1998), among other films (2001).

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