How Many Books Are In The Original Star Wars Series? (Correct answer)

It’s well worth your time to read the complete series of ten volumes. These novels may not be popular with all fans, but they are necessary for every fan’s library. The story of Luke Skywalker and his efforts to resurrect the Jedi Order is told throughout the trilogy.

How many original Star Wars books are there?

Since 2014 alone, over 40 Star Wars novels have been released, indicating that the collection of Canon tales that make up the Expanded Universe is increasing at a greater rate than ever before.

How many Star Wars novels are there in total?

Since 2014, new novels in the Canon continuity have been published. There are presently 21 adult books available (as of May 2019). As a result, there are a total of 177 Star Wars adult novels.

Is there an order to the Star Wars books?

A Chronological List of the Star Wars Novels Chronological order, which essentially means that the books should be read in the sequence of the Star Wars timeline, is arguably the most often recommended reading order available online. You’ll begin with novels written several millennia before the movie and work your way through them as well as several decades thereafter.

Which Star Wars books are original?

Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker is a novelization of the 1977 film Star Wars, written by Alan Dean Foster under the pseudonym George Lucas but credited to the director himself. On November 12, 1976, Ballantine Books released the first edition of the novel, which came out many months before the film’s premiere date.

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What Star Wars books are coming out in 2021?


  • The High Republic: Light of the Jedi will be released on January 5th
  • The High Republic: A Test of Courage will be released on January 5th
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian Junior Novel will be released on January 5th
  • The High Republic: Into the Dark will be released on February 2.
  • Victory’s Price will be released on March 2.
  • Doctor Aphra script will be released on April 6.
  • Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good will be released on April 27.

Which Star Wars books are worth reading?

The Top 6 “Star Wars” Book Series to Read (in No Particular Order)

  • Apprentice to the Jedi Order. Jedi Quest is written by Jude Watson (second book and onwards), Dave Wolverton (first novel), and other authors. Jude Watson is the author of this piece. The Thrawn Trilogy is a series of three books about a cyborg named Thrawn. Timothy Zahn is the author of this piece. The New Jedi Order is a series of novels written by J.K. Rowling. Authors: There are twelve of them
  • click here to see who they are. The Legacy of the Force
  • The Fate of the Jedi
  • The Last Jedi

How many new Star Wars books are there? is happy to announce the release of four new volumes, each of which contains previously untold stories from throughout the Star Wars narrative.

Where do I start reading Star Wars books?

Any Star Wars fan will tell you that the best place to start is with Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy, and nine times out of ten, they will give you the same response. Originally intended as a third trilogy decades before The Force Awakens was released, Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command marked the beginning of the Expanded Universe.

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Was Star Wars based on books?

No. Despite the fact that the novelization of the first Star Wars film was released before the film, George Lucas, the franchise’s originator, writer, and director, always saw Star Wars as a cinematic series (or series of films).

Was Star Wars based on ww2?

But few people now are aware that the original Star Wars trilogy was, in many respects, a parable for World War II, as was the prequel trilogy. The original films, as well as the prequels and sequels, are replete with allusions to World War II characters and events.

How many Star Wars books are there by George Lucas?

There are 30 different pieces on display.

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