How Many Books Are In The Delirium Series? (Perfect answer)

This series consists of three volumes.

Is there a 4th book to the delirium series?

Alex (Delirium Series Book 4) is available in Kindle format.

In what order should I read the delirium series?


  1. Delirium

Is the delirium series finished?

Lauren Oliver, that is not the case. This does not imply that the world is being left wide open. This indicates that your book is not yet complete.

Is Requiem the last book in the delirium series?

Requiem, the third and final novel in the Delirium Trilogy, is written from the perspectives of both Lena Haloway and Hana Tate, and is set in the present day. In a society that separates them, the two young women live side by side until, at long last, their tales come together.

What happens to Hana in Requiem?

In the third volume of the trilogy, Requiem, the tale is narrated in alternating chapters from the perspectives of Lena and Hana, who has recently recovered from her illness and is relating the story of her engagement to Fred Hargrove. She finally comes to the realization that she has not been cured. She does not inform Fred, though, since she is afraid for her life.

What happened to Alex and Lena in Requiem?

In Requiem, Alex and Lena haven’t spoken for over three days since his return because Alex claims he is no longer the Alex he once was, but is instead a ‘new Alex’. But one night they both find themselves in the bush, where Alex informs Lena that he did not die but was instead placed into the Crypts, where he was tormented to the point of unconsciousness.

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What are the books in the delirium series?

The Delirium series begins with this science fiction/romance novel by Lauren Oliver, which is published by HarperCollins. This is the first book in the ” Delirium” series. Delirium is a novel created for teens and young adults aged 14 and older. The age range is based on reading rather than content appropriateness, as is often the case.

Does delirium have a sequel?

Sequels. Delirium is the first book in the Delirium trilogy, and it is also the first installment in the Delirium trilogy. Hana and Annabel, two volumes that take place between the first and second books in the series, were published on February 28 and December 26, 2012, respectively. Pandemonium, the second novel in the trilogy, was published on February 28, 2012, and is the second installment.

What happened at the end of the book Delirium?

By Lauren Oliver Boy, isn’t the conclusion to Delirium a real heartbreaker, isn’t it? When Lena eventually manages to break free from the constraints of her harsh totalitarian country, she is horrified to witness Alex being shot in front of her. She has no choice but to flee into the wilderness.

What happened at the end of Delirium?

At the conclusion of “Delirium,” a police officer approaches Tommy and inquires about the ownership of the home, to which he responds, “It is now.” No of if Tommy’s house reflected a more general state of psychological well-being or simply a house, one thing is clear: he has now taken control of his life, his thoughts, and his home.

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Is Alex Real in Delirium?

Tom is suffering from illusions, and he has been seeing his brother Alex on a regular basis (Callan Mulvey). Alex believes that he is as real as the mangled body of his father that he has been seeing since Tom was committed to an institution since he was sent to jail when Tom was committed to an institution.

What happened to Cassie in requiem?

Alex, Tom’s brother, appears to him on a number of occasions. Tom suffers from delusions (Callan Mulvey). Alex believes that he is as real as his father’s disfigured body, which he has been witnessing since he was sentenced to prison while Tom was committed to an institution.

Is Alex alive in requiem?

The action of the narrative begins a few days after Lena saves Julian from execution and discovers that Alex is still alive.. Alexandre, the rebellious young man that Lena fell in love with in the previous book, is enraged by Lena’s connection with Julian, and he refuses to communicate with her for a few days.

Who does Lena pick in requiem?

Delirium, the first novel in the trilogy, begins with Lena falling in love with Alex, a stranger who happens to be a friend of hers. Everything changes in Pandemonium, the second novel in the series, when she meets Julian. In Requiem, Lena is forced to make a decision between the two.

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