How Many Books Are In The Charlie Bone Series? (TOP 5 Tips)

Children of the Red King

Midnight for Charlie Bone The Time Twister The Blue Boa The Castle of Mirrors Charlie Bone and the Hidden King Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock Charlie Bone and the Red Knight (first edition titles)
Author Jenny Nimmo
No. of books 8


Will there be a Charlie Bone movie?

Midnight for Charlie Bone will be released at a later date to be announced (TBA).

Do you have to read Charlie Bone books in order?

Jenny Nimmo’s Charlie Bone books are engrossing fantasy novels for readers aged 9 and above, created by award-winning novelist Jenny Nimmo. It is recommended that you read the Charlie Bone books in order, beginning with the first book, Midnight for Charlie Bone. Jenny Nimmo has also written a prequel trilogy, The Secret Kingdom of the Red King, which explains the story of the Red King.

What age are Charlie Bone books for?

Charlie Bone is appropriate for readers with stamina between the ages of 7 and 8. They are a lot of fun, but if your child reads the entire series, his or her reading skills will not improve significantly, and a lot of time will be spent on only one type of writing rather than a variety. So buy a book for a 7-year-old and decide when they will be able to read it best.

What book does Charlie Bone find dad?

Charlie Bone’s time has come to an end. Charlie discovers the circumstances of Lyell’s abduction and assists in the rescue of Emma Tolly, the little girl Lyell had attempted to save years before, from the Bloors and the reawakening of Emma from her eight-year-long coma. Charlie swears that he will track down his father and use the ‘Tolly Twelve Bells’ to awaken him as well.

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What is Charlie Bone’s gift?

In the first novel, Charlie Bone, a 10-year-old boy, realizes that he possesses a unique ability. After coming upon an image of a lost infant by chance, Charlie begins to hear the voices of individuals who appear in photographs. He learns that he is a descendent of the Red King, who was an old wizard, and that he is related to him.

Is Charlie Bone a good book?

Mild yet engaging fantasy suitable for middle school students.

How old is Charlie Bone in the last book?

The story revolves around 10-year-old Charlie Bone, who begins to notice unusual things happening to him as the series progresses. Charlie Bone is tasked by Julia Ingledew, the proprietor of a book store, with the task of locating her missing niece, who her brother had sold in exchange for a curious case.

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