How Many Attack On Titan Manga Books Are There? (Perfect answer)

A total of 34 tankobon volumes were published to gather the chapters of Attack on Titan, which was serialized in the monthly shnen manga magazine Bessatsu Shnen Magazine from September 2009 to April 2021.
Titan is under attack.

進撃の巨人 (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Demographic Shōnen
Original run September 9, 2009 – April 9, 2021
Volumes 34
Anime television series


How many AOT Manga books are there?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already watched the Attack on Titan anime series or if you haven’t yet gotten on board with the franchise, the Attack on Titan manga book series is a fantastic way to continue or begin your Attack on Titan adventure. Barnes & Noble has the whole Attack on Titan manga series, including all 33 volumes, special editions, and boxed collections.

How many AOT 2020 books are there?

Attack on Titan (35-book series) is available in Kindle format.

Does Attack on Titan manga finished?

After the final chapter of the manga adaptation of Attack on Titan was published in April 2021, it was a melancholy conclusion to Hajime Isayama’s widely acclaimed series.

How many manga chapters will Attack on Titan have?

As of right now, Attack on Titan has issued 30 volumes, each of which contains up to chapter 122. With the exception of volumes 2 and 4, each book comprises four chapters. Volume 31 will be released in Japan in April, and it will feature the chapters 123, 124, 125, and 126 of the manga and anime series.

What age rating is AOT?

At the time of this writing, Attack on Titan (or Aot for short) is a pg-13 rated anime in my country (at least according to the last time I looked), renowned for its brutality and frequent gore (albeit not as horrible as some animes I’ve seen).

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Is AOT Volume 32 out?

The publication date for Attack on Titan Volume 32 in English is December 1st, 2020.

How many chapters did AOT cover?

Now, the anime has finished covering Chapter 51 of the manga, which finishes with the awesomely-superb posture of the beast titan’s shifter, which is one of the most memorable moments in the series. Season 3 is very certainly going to be released in 2018, and it will most likely feature chapters 51–70.

Is isayama rewriting the last chapter?

In collaboration with: The Attack on Titan manga series, created by Hajime Isayama, came to an end on April 9, 2021, after 11 years of publication. This criticism even prompted Isayama to make changes to the conclusion himself, including the addition of eight extra pages in the last volume, which raised the prospect of a sequel to the manga.

How did AOT manga end?

Attack on Titan came to a close with Eren being killed by Mikasa in the last episode. She then proceeded to kiss Eren’s head after slicing off his head with a knife. She was overcome with sadness as she kissed him farewell and said goodbye to him. Mikasa and Armin were devastated by the death of their close friend Eren, who was laid to rest under the tree where he used to slumber as a child.

What chapter will AOT end?

Attack on Titan season 4 part 1 ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next installment. Season 4 part 1 of the manga covers up to chapter 116, and those who want to read the closing half of the season can do so by starting from chapter 117.

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What Chapter Should I read AOT?

If you wish to pick up where the anime left off, then start with chapter 91 of the book. Despite this, it is suggested that you begin reading from chapter 51 onwards because Season 3 part 1 removed a significant amount of content from the manga.

Which chapter is season 4 of AOT?

“Marley” (chapters 91–116) and “War for Paradis” (chapters 117–139) arcs from the original manga by Hajime Isayama are covered in the first season of the anime.

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