How Many Among The Hidden Books Are There? (Correct answer)

Children in the Shadows

Among the Hidden Among the Impostors Among the Betrayed Among the Barons Among the Brave Among the Enemy Among the Free
Author Margaret Peterson Haddix
Published 1998 – 2006
Media type Print
No. of books 7


How many books does among the hidden have?

Consider a society in which families are only permitted to have two children. Illegal third children, often known as shadow children, are required to live in secrecy. If they are detected, they will face just one possible punishment: execution. For the first time, all seven novels in this popular and successful series are available in a convenient boxed set that is both elegant and functional.

Is there a part 2 for among the hidden?

Walmart offers Shadow Children: Among the Impostors: A Sequel to Among the Hidden (Series #2) (Hardcover) as well as other books in various formats.

Is Jen dead in among the hidden?

Luke continues to inquire about Jen until her father informs him that she has passed away. What’s going on? She was shot at the demonstration, along with the other forty students who turned out to support her.

How old is Margaret Peterson Haddix?

Mary Margaret Haddix (born April 9, 1964) is a British-born American author best known for the children’s books Shadow Children (1998–2006) and The Missing (2008–2015), both of which she wrote for children. She also wrote the eleventh volume of the multi-author series The 39 Clues, which was published in 2009.

Who does Jen’s stepfather work for?

And it definitely catches Luke’s attention—as does the narrative Jen’s stepfather relates about his position as a government lawyer for the Population Police, which also catches Luke’s attention. In contrast, Mr. Talbot, like clandestine spies who infiltrate enemy territory, attempts to “destroy them to the greatest extent [he] is able” (28.10).

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Is the missing book series over?

The story continues with the books Sent, Sabotaged, Torn, Caught, Risked (which was initially planned to be named Kept), and Revealed, all of which were published in 2012. Redeemed, the eighth and final book in the series, was published on September 8, 2015.

Why did Margaret Peterson Haddix wrote among the hidden?

Margaret Peterson Haddix began writing Among the Hidden after discussions with her husband about whether or not they wanted to have more than two children. These discussions evolved into discussions about overpopulation, the earth’s limited resources, and China’s One Child Policy, which led to the inspiration for the novel.

What does Jen do in among the hidden?

Jen is the extroverted, exuberant commander-in-chief of the online shadow children society, and she is well-liked by her peers. Luke has only ever known his mother, father, and two brothers, and he has never been around anybody else. Jen becomes overexcited and loses her composure. When she first informs Luke about the gathering, she is characterized as being “as effervescent as the shaken soda” (17.75).

What year does among the hidden take place?

A Speculative Fiction Young Adult Novel by American author Margaret Peterson Haddix, first published in 1998, Among the Hidden is a speculative fiction young adult novel. Luke Garner, a twelve-year-old criminal in a world where overpopulation has resulted in the emergence of authoritarian policies aimed at population control, is a product of the times.

How does Jen get out of the house in among the hidden?

The rally is moving forward at full speed, with Jen recruiting her fellow shadow children through an internet chat room, but Luke is beginning to doubt his own ability to lead. As a result, Jen pushes him out of her home because he exhibits the type of negativity she dislikes. Ouch. But Jen sneaks into Luke’s house the night before the rally to say her final goodbyes before the protest.

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What happens at the end of among the free?

Ultimately, Luke resolves to speak up for his own rights to freedom, which ultimately leads to the liberation of all individuals in the country, including third-generation immigrants and their children. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Among the Free may be found at the following link.

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