How Do You Grade Comic Books? (Solution)

A “good” grade is defined as “Good/Very Good” (30.0), “Good+” (2.5), “Good” (2.0), and “Good-” (1.0). (1.8). Compared to the “Very Good” grades, these grades denote comics that are in somewhat worse condition than the “Very Good” marks. The book’s cover may have a few missing parts, and it is normally scuffed, abraded, and faded in appearance. It is allowed to have a moderate spine split.

How do I get a comic book appraised?

When and where should you get your comic books appraised?

  1. EBay’s previous search history.
  2. Auction House. No evaluation will be 100 percent accurate– even professionals can only make an informed opinion. Large auction houses are skilled in determining the value of objects and selling them at auction. Determine which marketplace is the best.
  3. Sparkle City Comics is one option.

Is it worth getting comic books graded?

The majority of comics from the 1980s are overprinted and quite simple to come by, even in high grades. The odds are that your current comic looks like a 9.6 or worse and isn’t worth putting in for grading are slim to nonexistent. The majority of newer books would require a CGC score of 9.8 or above in order to be considered worthwhile of your time and money.

What is the best comic book grade?

This category includes interior pages that have a consistent hue from the edges to the centre, but are a shade or two darker than cream pages. Pages that are similar to light tan to off-white in color, however the edges of the pages are deeper in color. With this page quality, the highest possible grade a comic book may obtain is 7.5.

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What is considered a high grade comic?

These typically range from an 8.0 to a legendary 10.0 on the scale. The general rule of thumb is that the older the comic book, the more difficult it is to obtain a higher grade copy of it. It should come as no surprise that there are no flaws in this batch of products.

What are rare comic books?

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Are comics from the 90s worth anything?

12 Exceptionally Rare and Valuable Comic Books that are Worth a Fortune

What is CGC comic grading?

CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) is a comic book grading agency based in Sarasota, Florida, that grades comic books. It is the first and only objective and unbiased third-party grading service for comic books to be established.

How do I sell rare comics?

Selling comic books may be done in a variety of venues, including online comic book stores, local brick and mortar comic shops, auction websites, auction houses, and local ads.

When should you grade comic books?

The grading of comic books is based on a scale of one to ten: 0-1.5 = mediocre to good negative; 0-1.5 = excellent to excellent 2.0-3.5 = acceptable to excellent minus. 4.0-5.5 = very excellent to fine negative in terms of quality.

What does pressing a comic book mean?

When a comic book is pressed, it can have its look improved by removing non-color breaking faults such as dents, bends, crunches, rippling, warping, spine rolls, and indentations that would otherwise be visible. CCS is the industry leader in the production of comic books.

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