How Are Books Both Respected And The Cause Of Suspicion In Act One? (Perfect answer)

When it comes to books in Act One, how are they both valued and a source of suspicion? Hale brings the books to demonstrate to the audience that he is well-educated and in a position of authority. Unlike this, Giles reveals that his wife hides and reads books, and that her reading may have had an impact on his ability to prayer.

How are books both respected and the cause of suspicion in Act I?

When it comes to books in Act One, they are both revered and the source of mistrust. As a preacher, he is not effective because he is more worried about himself than about others. He feels he is the last authority on what is good for the soul and what isn’t, and he believes that members of his congregation should not be allowed to do anything without his approval.

What is the source of the main conflict in the crucible Act 1?

The major source of contention is his relationship with Abigail. Personality traits: determined, motivated, and guilty. The motivating factor for Abigail’s venom and revenge, which has an impact on the story

Why does Arthur Miller include so much exposition or background information in Act I of The Crucible?

Arthur Miller intended to make it clear that he was not attempting to create (or rewrite) the history of the world in this play. This would have been hard for him to accomplish, considering the paucity of material available concerning some of the important characters in the Salem Witch Trials.

What does Mary Warren give Elizabeth Proctor that brings them both under suspicion?

The poppet was made by Mary Warren while she was in court and she gives it to Elizabeth. According to Mary Warren, 39 people are in jail, and Goody Osburn will be hanged because she refused to confess to witchcraft. Elizabeth and Proctor are shocked to learn of this news. Proctor becomes enraged because he feels that the court is convicting individuals without providing them with sufficient proof.

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What does Rebecca Nurse say about Betty’s condition?

I’m curious what Rebecca Nurse has to say regarding Betty and Ruth’s illness. Mrs. Putnam believes that a “spirit is always there, constantly coming back for love,” but she also believes that Mrs. Putnam is insane for trying to summon the dead.

Why is Parris so worried about the evidence of witchcraft?

What is it about Parris’s home that has him so concerned about the discovery of proof of witchcraft in his own home? Parris is determined to keep his position as minister and is concerned about any proof that may jeopardize his image. Parris, he believes, is more concerned with maintaining his position as minister than he is with practicing his actual faith and showing his commitment to the Almighty.

What causes the conflict between John Proctor and Reverend Parris?

What is the root of the disagreement between John Proctor and Reverend Parris? Proctor inquires as to whether Parris sought legal advice or convened a town assembly before commissioning Reverend Hale to investigate the presence of demons in Salem. He believes that the enterprise should have remained in the local community instead of being sold. What is the Reverend Hale’s educational background?

What’s the difference between The Crucible movie and book?

There are also some minor variations between the book and the movie version of The Crucible. Examples include the fact that all of the scenes in the novel take place indoors, yet there are several outside scenes in the movie. Even the number of females who appear with Abigail in the film is far more than the number of girls who appear with Abigail in the novel.

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What is the conflict between Proctor and Parris in Act 1?

Even minor changes exist between the novel and the film adaptation of The Crucible. Take, for instance, how every scene is set indoors in the novel but every scene in the movie is set outside. Even the number of girls who appear with Abigail in the film is far greater than the number of females who appear with Abigail in the novel.

What is Arthur Miller’s rhetorical purpose in writing this play and what strategies does he use to achieve his purpose?

Miller’s goal is to provide a fictitious version of the Salem witch trials in third-person omniscient as a symbolic statement against the growth of McCarthyism in America during the 1950s. Miller uses the Salem witch trials as a metaphor for the spread of McCarthyism in America. A critical tone is used in order to appeal to comparable thoughts and experiences in his audience, which is intended to be persuasive.

What did you learn from reading The Crucible explain?

It is Miller’s intention to use the third-person omniscient perspective to tell a fictitious version of the Salem witch trials as a symbolic protest against the growth of McCarthyism in America during the 1950s. It is necessary to use a critical tone in order to appeal to his audience’s shared emotions and experiences.

Why do you think Miller structured the endings similarly?

Although Miller is able to show the frenzy that grips Salem in a number of ways during the course of the play, the conclusion of each act allows the audience to experience the full force of the lunacy.

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What things are suspicious about the Proctor family?

Are there any aspects about Proctor and his family that are “suspicious?” Proctor does not attend church on a regular basis. Their youngest son has not been christened as of this writing. He couldn’t recall all 10 of the Ten Commandments at the same time.

Why was Elizabeth suspicious of John Proctor Crucible?

One of the reasons Elizabeth feels suspicious is that John Proctor had told her that he had last seen Abigail “with a group of people.” It is then revealed to the audience that, when he was informed by Abigail that what had occurred in the woods “had nothing to do with witchcraft,” he had been “with her in a room alone.”

Why is Elizabeth Proctor suspicious?

What is it about Proctor that makes Elizabeth suspect as Act II begins? He made up the story about meeting Abigail alone. Is there a specific reason why Proctor isn’t attending church on a regular basis in Salem? What is the Proctor’s first inquiry as Elizabeth is being taken into custody?

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