FAQ: What Type Of Books Are Chronicles Of Nick?

Chronicles of Nick® | Sherrilyn McQueen

Nick Gautier is the author of the Dark-Hunters series, and his mother is a stripper and his father is a career felon.
“Prince” is a guide on the “Undead of New Orleans” tours, and he makes most of it up each night to keep from being bored. Next thing I know, I’m a part of a world I’d never imagined in my wildest dreams. And my dreams can be pretty rowdy. Being undead isn’t for amateurs, and it’s not playtime with the paranormal.
“I tried everything in my power to get them not to hold the book until January 2019 before you,” she says. Intensity is the final “official” book in the Nick Chronicles series, and it will be available as a hardcover within a few weeks of its initial release. The hardcover will be 340 pages long. We’re also working on getting the audiobook rights back from SMP.

What comes after Chronicles of Nick?

**Please note that Shadows of Fire is a Young Adult spin-off series from the Dark-Hunteru00ae novels and is a four-book continuation of the Chronicles of Nicku00ae.

Is intensity the last Chronicles of Nick book?

In terms of the Nick Chronicles, Intensity is the final u201cofficialu201d book, and you’ll see why once you read it. In the new series, we’ll be moving forward in time, with four books focusing on Cyprian and Ambrose.

Is Nick in the Dark Hunter series?

Nick is the main character in the Chronicles of Nick series, and he is a Malachai who is guarded and protected by Caleb Malphas, Nick’s best friend. With the help of Ambrose and his grimoire, Nick is able to unlock abilities that have been locked away from him since birth.

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How old is Achehenopaeus?

The 1100-year-old Dark Hunter, Ash, is both mysterious and lethal.

What should I read before the Chronicles of Nick?

It is recommended that you read the Dark Hunter Series through Styxx before beginning the Chronicles of Nick, as it makes more sense chronologically and you may get spoilers if you read them in reverse.

Is there a Chronicles of Nick movie?

(Movie) Infinity: Chronicles of Nick

Who is Cyprian in Chronicles of Nick?

Cyprian, the son of Laguerre and the Ambrose Malachai, is even more powerful than Nick, and as the son of Nick, he is capable of killing Nick, despite the Malachai’s curse.

How is Madoc related to Nick?

Jaden’s (aka Verlyn’s) sons are Xev and Caleb, Nick’s brother is Madoc (Dream-Hunter series), and Jaden’s sister is Apollymi (Acheron’s Mother).

Who is Acherons father?

Kissare is a Sephiroth who fathered the FIRST Malachai (THIS MEANS NICK AND ACHERON ARE RELATED). Archon stated that Kissare was not Acheron’s father, so the speculation is that Kissare has been reincarnated and is the father of Acheron (my guess is Savitar).

How many books are in the Dark-Hunter series?

Kindle Edition of the Dark-Hunter Novels (27-book series).

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