FAQ: What Is The Temperature At Which Books Burn?

At What Temperature Does Paper Burn/Ignite/Combust?

Paper is said to burn at 451 degrees Fahrenheit (218 and 246 degrees Celsius), but the temperature at which it burns varies depending on the material, moisture, and thickness. Let’s take a closer look at the proposed paper burning temperature and see how it looks in the real world.

The Burning Temperature of Paper

Different types of paper may have significantly different numbers associated with them, and the age of the paper may also cause a variation in the burning temperature; however, unless you’re lighting a fire on the summit of Everest or at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, such differences are unimportant in most environments.

Ignition Temperature

The heat of a naked flame is much higher than the auto-ignition temperature of paper, and most naked flames are already very hot. The hottest part of a flame is not the tip, but the slight “blue” aura surrounding it.

Combustion Temperature

Ray Bradbury claimed that paper combusts at 451 degrees Fahrenheit in Fahrenheit 451, but modern evidence suggests that Bradbury’s Fahrenheit number is probably a little low. Old textbooks burn at around 481 degrees Fahrenheit, which isn’t a huge difference from Bradbury’s number. Most paper combusts at around 481 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hottest Part

While a book may catch fire at 481 degrees Fahrenheit, it does not burn at that temperature; rather, it burns much hotter, similar to our naked flames.

Ignition Temperature Of Cardboard

Because the ignition temperature of “corrugated board” is much higher than that of paper, and because cardboard is a heavier, more dense material that can insulate against heat more effectively, choose cardboard over paper as an insulating material.

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Cardboard has a flashpoint of 800 degrees Fahrenheit, while a cigarette has a flashignition temperature of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.


Paper auto-ignites at around 481 degrees Fahrenheit, but with the right conditions and fuel, it can reach temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, with nothing outside of the normal range when it comes to heat.

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Why is Fahrenheit 451 a banned book?

A school district banned Fahrenheit 451 because it contained the phrase “God damn!” The school board felt that this language was inappropriate for students to read.

What degree do books burn?

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 was released as an e-book for the first time today, if you’re unfamiliar with the story, it takes place in a dystopia where firemen burn books at 451 degrees, which is the temperature at which they catch fire.

What temperature do things burn at?

The temperature of fire can range from around 400 degrees Fahrenheit to 9000 degrees Fahrenheit (200 to 4980 degrees Celsius), depending on factors such as fuel source and oxygen content; there are even “cold fires” that will not burn you.

Does paper really burn at 451 degrees?

Bradbury’s title refers to the auto-ignition point of paper, which is the temperature at which it will catch fire without being exposed to an external flame. Bradbury claimed that “book-paper” burns at 451 degrees, and it’s true that different types of paper have different auto-ignition temperatures.

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How old is Montag?

In Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag is thirty years old. He started working as a fireman at the age of twenty and has been there for ten years.

At what temperature does fire start?

It has to do with the fact that there are several ways to define u201cburning,u201d as we discovered for you. The temperature at which paper will ignite and burn varies depending on the material, moisture, and thickness, but the average temperature is between 424 and 475 degrees Fahrenheit (218 and 246 degrees Celsius).

What’s the hottest part of a fire?

The base of the flame is the hottest part, so it burns with a different color than the outer edges or the rest of the flame body. The hottest flames are blue, followed by white, and then yellow, orange, and red are the most common colors you’ll see in most fires.

Is white fire hotter than blue fire?

Blue flames have more oxygen and get hotter because gases burn hotter than organic materials like wood, so they are even hotter than white flames.

What is the hottest thing in the universe?

The dead star at the center of the Red Spider Nebula has a surface temperature of 250,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 25 times that of the Sun’s surface, making it the universe’s hottest object.

What temperature do paper towels catch fire?

Paper burns easily and is a major fire hazard when exposed to the heat generated by an oven. While the ignition point of paper is 451 F, there are other factors to consider.

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At what temperature does plastic melt?

While the melting points of the world’s countless types of plastic vary, a wide range of common plastics melt at 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees F), according to reports. Handheld readings at the site this week measured the area within the scope of the reflected sunlight at more than 90 C.

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