FAQ: What Grade Reads Primer Level Books?

How to Determine the Reading Level of a Book

The Cat in the Hat is a level J in Guided Reading, but can she read Diary of a Worm? Keena Ford and the Second Grade Mix-Up has a DRA of 30, despite a Lexile Level of 510L.

Reading Levels Are Like Starbucks Sizes

Finding a book that a child can read independently can be difficult; young readers who are unfamiliar with reading levels often choose books that are too easy and boring; however, if a child knows her reading level, she can look for books that contain sight words she recognizes.

Explain the Levels, Please

Books are leveled in a variety of ways; here are the three most common methods for determining a book’s reading level.


Children become readers as they progress through various developmental reading stages, which range from emergent pre-reader to expert fluent reader (16 years and older), with the pre-fluent stage occurring between the ages of six months and six years.

Letter Levels

If your child’s school uses Fountas and Pinnell, Reading A-Z, or Guided Reading Levels to level books, books will be leveled using a letter system, which, while convenient, does not always correspond to reading levels.

Number Levels

Books can be leveled using systems like Lexile Numbers, The Direct Reading Assessment (DRA), and Reading Recovery, which assess texts for complexity and skill level before assigning a number.

I Have My Child’s Reading Level, Now What?

Use the “five finger test” to determine your child’s reading level, or use the Literacy Leveler app to see a book’s Lexile, DRA, and GRL by scanning its ISBN.

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Levels Should be Helpful, Not Stressful

Encourage your child to read books on her level, but don’t be surprised if she chooses an old favorite. Need some books to practice leveling with? Check out these Must-Read Books for Beginning Readers.

What grade level is primer level?

A pre-primer is a book written at a level for students in kindergarten and first grade, though many preschool students are also exposed to pre-primers these days.

What level books Should a first grader be reading?

A first-grader’s reading level should be between 3 and 12, with higher reading levels indicating that they’re near the top of their class; however, there’s always room for improvement, and your child may fall below or rise above the range in some cases.

What are the reading levels by grade?


  • Kindergarten: A u2013 4.
  • First Grade: 4 u2013 16.
  • Second Grade: 16 u2013 24.
  • Third Grade: 24 u2013 38.
  • Fourth Grade: 38 u2013 40.
  • Fifth Grade: 40 u2013 50.
  • Sixth Grade: 50 u2013 60.
  • Seventh and eighth grades: 60 u2013 80.

What age is Level 1 reading books for?

A Level 1 book is appropriate for children aged 3 to 6, while a Level 2 book is appropriate for children aged 4 to 8. Is the vocabulary appropriate? Your child’s books should include simple vocabulary words that are repeated throughout the story.

How do I know my child’s reading level?

The Lexile score, or measure, describes your child’s reading ability and matches them with books and other reading materials. The Lexile score, or measure, ranges from 0L to 2000L and describes your child’s reading ability and matches them with books and other reading materials.

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What is a 2nd grade reading level?

Second graders typically independently read at a Level 18 in the fall, and by the end of the year, they will have independently read at a Level 28. It is important to note that some students’ DRA scores may be above or below the grade-level expectation.

What does Level D mean in reading?

LEVEL D BOOKS are simple fiction or nonfiction stories with familiar themes and ideas, with some simple dialogue between characters. The books will start to have longer sentences, but almost all of the vocabulary will be simple and familiar. The illustrations are highly supportive and match the text.

What does level M mean in reading?

Level M readers can read and understand difficult sentences, and reading tricky words is smooth and automatic in both silent and oral (out loud) reading. They also know the characteristics of a variety of genres (different types of text) such as fantasy, realistic fiction, informational texts, and biography.

What is a level 4 reading level?

Level 4 books are for children who are well on their way to becoming book lovers and fully independent readers, and include more historical fiction titles, such as Dinosaur Hunter and First Flight, as well as adventure and suspense books, and the stories are the most advanced of all the I Can Read! levels.

What books should my 4 year old be reading?

Our top ten favorite books for 4-year-olds are listed below.

  1. The Pout-Pout Fish. For the Pouty Pants.
  2. The Wonderful Things You Will Be. Dreaming Big.
  3. Pete the Cat.
  4. A Collection of Stories for 4 Year Olds.
  5. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
  6. If Animals Kissed Goodnight.
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Should my 7 year old be reading?

Seven is still a very young age, and in an ideal world, we wouldn’t expect 7-year-olds to read, but the school system in most countries insists on it. It doesn’t matter if they learn at five, six, seven, or ten, but if you’re here, you’re clearly concerned.

At what age should a child start reading?

Even if a child has a head start, she may not be able to stay ahead once school begins; the other students will most likely catch up in second or third grade.

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