FAQ: What Books Are Featured In The Witcher Series?

The Witcher books: reading order and where to start

The Witcher season 2 will premiere on Netflix on December 17, 2021, after starting out as short stories for a Polish fantasy magazine in the 1980s.

Where to start with The Witcher books

The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny are two short story collections in which Geralt fights beasts, engages in barroom brawls, and indulges in bedroom shenanigans. Sapkowski tells of Geralt’s silver sword with which he kills magical monsters.

What’s the reading order of The Witcher books?

Following the short stories, you’d think it’d be best to read the rest of the series in order. The World of the Witcher is a collection of information put together by CD Projekt Red, and there’s even an art book for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Witcher graphic novels

Dark Horse Comics has released graphic novels, which, while not written by Sapkowski, do a fantastic job of adding extras to previously published stories. A collated Library Edition has everything in one place for those who want all the books and graphic novels in one place.

Why should I read them if I’ve played the games?

Reading the books will give you a better sense of the world and flesh out more of the cast, even if much of the plot will be familiar if you played the games.

How faithful are The Witcher games to the books?

CD Projekt Red introduced players to Sapkowski’s witty, wry, and strong Geralt of Rivia in the games, which are “based” on the books rather than a direct retelling; however, everything you’ve seen in the games is featured in the series of novels.

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How faithful to the books is the Netflix Witcher series?

Season 1’s story is a mash-up of short stories from The Last Wish and the start of Ciri’s arc in Sword of Destiny. WARNING: Spoilers for the books ahead.

Where can I get all these books?

The Witcher books are generally available from all major retailers, including Amazon; the only one that is difficult to come by is the collector’s edition Witcher 3 art book. For your convenience, we’ve listed the best prices on all of the books below.

What books are The Witcher series based on?

The Witcher’s first season is based on the short story collections The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, which are set before the main saga (Blood of Elves, Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire, The Tower of the Swallow, and The Lady of the Lake).

Which book is Witcher 1 based on?

The Witcher Saga began in 1994 with the publication of Blood of Elves, the first novel in the series, which follows Geralt of Rivia and Ciri, a princess of a recently conquered country and a pawn of international politics who becomes a witcher-in-training.

Is Ciri a Witcher?

Because Cirilla is a highly skilled witcher, heiress to several thrones, the last bearer of the Elder Blood, a powerful Source endowed with exceptional magic talent, and the Lady of Time and Space, Geralt took Ciri to Kaer Morhen when she came into his care, following age-old witcher tradition.

Are Witcher books worth reading?

It’s a quick read, and the plot, as well as the literary devices employed, keep you engaged; they’re excellent books. The books gained popularity as a result of the Witcher 3 video game; the books enhance the gaming experience, but the video game’s storytelling and character depth are far superior.

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What was Geralt’s last wish?

Because a djinn cannot kill its own master, Geralt wished to die alongside Yennefer, which would provide a convenient loophole that would save Yennefer’s life while also ensuring that Geralt and Yennefer’s lives would be bound together until the end.

Is Andrzej Sapkowski writing more Witcher books?

“Andrzej Sapkowski announced a new Witcher novel at the Warsaw Comic Con Fair, which is currently taking place in Nadarzyn.

Are the Witcher books and games connected?

In the end, The Witcher games take place several years after both the books and Netflix’s The Witcher, but they are also incredibly faithful to the books in terms of how they portray Geralt’s world in general.

Why did Ciri’s hair turn white?

Ciri’s hair color is due to genetics, but Geralt’s white hair appears to be an unexpected side effect of his genetics and the chemicals used in the Trail of the Grasses; he is often referred to as the “White Wolf” due to his white hair and being a Witcher from the wolf school.

Who got Pavetta pregnant?

Duny asks what he could give Geralt in return for saving his life, to which Geralt responds, “that which you already have but do not know,” revealing to the group that Pavetta was indeed pregnant with Ciri.

Is Duny Ciri’s father?

Emhyr var Emreis, Emperor of Nilfgaard and husband of Pavetta and father of Ciri, used the alias Duny, also known as Jez and Urcheon of Erlenwald.

Are The Witcher books sexist?

It is not sexist; it includes strong female characters, and the books do not solely focus on the male characters, leaving the female characters to stand around and look pretty.

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Are The Witcher books finished?

Do the Witcher books have a conclusion? The Witcher books do have a conclusion; the final book in the series, The Lady of the Lake, was published in 1999 and serves as the series’ conclusion.

How old is Geralt?

Geralt of Rivia has seen a lot, which could explain why he needs a nap. According to IGN, The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich explained how old Geralt is in the first episode: u201cGeralt is almost 100 years old when the series starts, and we find him in the middle of a journey.u201d

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