FAQ: What Are The Books In Mistborn?


More reviews and a list of foreign sales can be found on My Agent’s website. The book is set in a world where the skaa are slaves or worse. Cinescape magazine said the book offers “satisfying depth and peoples with impressive characters.” The Romantic Times gave the book full marks and said the characters are amazingly believable.

Robin Hobb

“Interest, politics, and conspiracies mesh complexly in a world Sanderson realizes in satisfying depth and peoples with impressive characters,” says the reviewer.


Reviewer: “Staunch fans of Elantris no longer have to defend their new favorite fantasy author.”

What order should you read the Mistborn books?

Mistborn: The Final Empire, Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, Mistborn: The Hero of Ages, and Mistborn: The Alloy of Law are the four books in the Mistborn series, which includes an original trilogy and a final book set 300 years later.

Is mistborn the final Empire the first book?

Do the Mistborn books get better?

His writing improves over time – the second set of Mistborn books is better paced and written, as are the Stormlight Archive books – but understanding Cosmere in general necessitates reading the first Mistborn.

Is Mistborn a trilogy?

This boxed set includes the paperback editions of the complete Mistborn Trilogy–Mistborn, The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages–by #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, which was voted onto NPR’s Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books list.

Do you need to read mistborn before Stormlight?

In general, no. The book you should read – at the very least before beginning Words of Radiance, and definitely before beginning Oathbringer – is Warbreaker, which becomes more of a prequel as the story progresses in Stormlight Archive.

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What is the next book in the Mistborn series?

Who is the strongest Mistborn?

Zane is a powerful Mistborn, the most powerful Vin has encountered since Kelsier, thanks in part to a steel Hemalurgic spike in his heart, which allows him to use Allomantic steel with great precision.

Why is Mistborn so good?

Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy is another masterpiece, introducing readers to a fantastic world. The plot is strong, the books are incredible, and the characters are incredibly complex, all of which come to life in this incredible series of books.

What happened spook Mistborn?

It explained that he had healed the damage Spook had caused himself by flaring tin and had turned Spook into a Mistborn, as well as hinting at the existence of more Allomantic metals.

How many books are in the wax and Wayne series?

Is Brandon Sanderson good?

He’s a great worldbuilder and has well-thought-out and detailed magic systems, but the rest of his works are pretty standard for fantasy. A little weak or unoriginal on plot, prose, and characterization, but fun reads nonetheless.

Can a 12 year old read mistborn?

Finally, I would recommend the Mistborn series to an 11-year-old who is reasonably mature, with the caveat that the parent must be the type of parent who engages with their child on the media they consume on a regular basis.

Is the Mistborn series finished?

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