FAQ: Matt Lupica Books For What Age?

An Introduction to Mike Lupica: Sports Stories and Life Lessons for Kids and Tweens

Mike Lupica is the author of over 30 middle grade and young adult sports books, drawing on his own real-life experiences to create a fictional world of young boys striving on and off the field. We’ve compiled a list of his must-read titles for football, basketball, and baseball fans.

What genre does Mike Lupica write?

He’s also coached his children’s basketball, baseball, and soccer teams, and in his spare time, he writes sports-themed middle grade and YA novels.

What is Mike Lupica doing now?

Lupica is now a syndicated columnist for the New York Daily News, where his popular “Shooting from the Lip” column appears every Sunday, and he started “The Sporting Life” column in Esquire magazine in 1987.

Is heat a good book?

This book, which I rated 5 stars, is about a Cuban boy named Michael who can throw serious heat when pitching for his Little League baseball team. It was an enjoyable read, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys baseball.

Is there a movie for the book Heat by Mike Lupica?

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix is set to add to its sports feature film lineup with an adaptation of Mike Lupica’s novel Heat, directed by Gregory Nava.

What is Mike Lupica’s middle?

Michael Lupica (/lupk/; born May 11, 1952) is an American author and former newspaper columnist best known for his controversial sports commentary in the New York Daily News and appearances on ESPN.

What is Mike Lupica’s best selling book?

Mike Lupica is a well-known sportswriter who has won the prestigious Damon Runyon Award for excellence in journalism for his young adult novels Travel Team, Heat, Miracle on 49th Street, and the summer hit of 2007, Summer Ball, which rocketed to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

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What happened to Mike Lupica?

Mike Lupica, the most well-known byline at the Daily News, has left. He had been a prolific writer of young adult sports novels in addition to his sports and general interest columns at the teetering tabloid. u201cMike left the Daily News,u201d said a spokeswoman for Esther u201cLobsteru201d Newberg, Lupica’s agent at ICM.

Who is Mike Lupica’s wife?

u201cIt’s a story about courage, family, and coming back from adversity,u201d Lupica said. Lupica’s target audience is young people (and adults) who enjoy sports, and the author wants to write stories that will entice them to read.

What is the summary of the book Heat?

“Heat” is about a 12-year-old Little League pitcher who is singled out by other coaches for being suspiciously good for his age, while “Travel Team” is about a 12-year-old point guard who considers quitting the sport he loves after his parents decide their team needs to “grow,” and cut him for being too small.

Who is the antagonist in the book Heat?

Because he is the one who flies to Cuba and finds Micheal’s birth certificate, El Grand Gonzalez is the antagonist in this story.

Why is heat rated R?

The MPAA has given The Heat an R rating due to strong crude content, pervasive language, and some violence.

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