What Books Should I Read Jordan Peterson?

Jordan B. Peterson: 12 books that changed my life

Jordan B. Peterson’s new book, 12 Rules for Life, is heavily influenced by books he has loved and that have both devastated and rebuilt him; here is a list of 12 of the most surprising, significant, compelling, and powerful books he has read in the last year.

What should I read if I like Jordan Peterson?

The Sacred and the Profane are two sides of the same coin.

  • Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • Man’s Search For Meaning. Viktor E Frankl.
  • The Road to Wigan Pier. George Orwell.
  • Brave New World. Aldous Huxley.
  • The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Tom Wolfe.
  • Notes From The Underground.
  • Crime and Punishment (Vintage Classic Russians Series)
  • The Gulag Archipelago.

What is Jordan Peterson’s best selling book?

Jordan B. Peterson is the bestselling author of 12 RULES OF LIFE, which has sold over five million copies worldwide; he has published over a hundred scientific papers with his students and colleagues, and his 1999 book Maps of Meaning revolutionized religion psychology.

How do I teach myself Jordan Peterson?

12-Rules For Life is a stern, story-based, and entertaining self-help manual for young people that lays out a set of simple principles that can help us become more disciplined, behave better, act with integrity, and balance our lives while enjoying them as much as we can.

Who does Jordan Peterson reference?

During his lectures, Peterson frequently references Dostoevsky’s work, and he has called Dostoevsky one of his favorite authors, recommending that everyone read all five of his great novels.

What is Jordan Peterson’s next book?

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life is a self-help book written by Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, and psychology professor. It was released on March 2, 2021, as a sequel to his 2018 book 12 Rules for Life.

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How high is Jordan Peterson’s IQ?

Jordan Peterson has an IQ of above 150, according to an interview question on his YouTube channel, and he took an IQ test when he was much younger. His IQ test score of above 150 places him in the top 99.9%ile of intelligence when compared to other human beings.

How many hours does Jordan Peterson work?

Jordan claims he’s worked around 14 hours per day on average, for a total of 100 hours per week, and that he’s always had a demanding schedule, putting in these kinds of hours since 1985.

What are the 13 rules for life?

Life’s 13 Rules

  • Move your body for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Eat whole foods instead of processed foods.
  • Build community. The people you spend time with shape you.
  • Care deeply.
  • Hold pain tenderly.
  • Give help.
  • Get help.
  • Stay on the path.

What are the 12 rules of life according to Jordan Peterson?

Jordan B Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is a quick read.

  • 1 Stand up straight with your shoulders straight. 2 Treat yourself as if you are someone who needs to be helped. 3 Make friends with people who want the best for you. 4 Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not the useless person you are today.

What are your top 5 rules for life?

Let’s get started: the five rules of life.

  • Have a vision for your life and who you want to become.
  • Believe in your ability to figure things out.
  • Have fun chasing your dreams, no matter what.
  • Be patient but persistent.
  • Love and respect others who are playing the same game.

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