What Books Are Tied To The Dark Tower?

A Reading Guide to Stephen King’s Dark Tower Universe

Each book is part of a much larger story that begins and ends with The Dark Tower series; here, I look at the essential books for understanding the larger King universe. His story spans 29 years and four books, and in The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla, he regains his faith and exacts his hard-earned revenge on the evil vampires who plague this world.

The Stand (1978)

It follows two groups of survivors after a weaponized superflu wipes out the majority of the Earth’s population, with Randall Flagg, the book’s villain, stalking other worlds in the Kingverse.

The Talisman (1984)

There are also “Twinners,” who are parallel versions of Jack who can switch bodies and live in both worlds.

It (1986)

It’s yet another epic conflict between good and evil.

Eyes of the Dragon (1987)

Randall Flagg has the ability to travel through different worlds and times, the land of Delain, and the origin of King Roland is still a mystery. Eyes of the Dragon is a fantastic high fantasy tale that King wrote when his daughter asked him to write something for her to read.

Insomnia (1994)

The Crimson King wants to kill Patrick Danville, who will one day grow up to save Roland from the Dark Tower, because he has insomnia and can see other people’s auras.

Hearts in Atlantis (1999)

Hearts in Atlantis is a moving story about conflict, childhood, memory, and hope, and Brautigan later assists Roland in his fight against the Crimson King. “Autopsy Room Four” is an instant classic. “The Little Sisters of Eluria” is Stephen King’s first Dark Tower prequel.

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What Stephen King books are connected to the Dark Tower?

Hearts in Atlantis, The Dead Zone, Pet Sematary, On Writing (non-fiction), Storm of the Century, Rose Red, Kingdom Hospital (screenplay), Insomnia, The Shining, Carrie, Cujo are some of the KING NOVELS mentioned in DARK TOWER NOVELS.

How many books are connected to the Dark Tower series?

The seven books, written between 1982 and 2004, follow Roland, the last gunslinger of Mid-World, a fictional world that resembles our own in many ways.

Is The Dark Tower based on all the books?

Despite being based on the first novel The Gunslinger, Sony and MRC’s film is actually a sequel to the eight-book series, so even the most devoted fans may not be aware of the entire plot.

What should I read after dark tower?

If you enjoy Stephen King’s Dark Tower series,

  • Black House. a Novel. King, Stephen, 1947-
  • Dead Man’s Hand. An Anthology of the Weird West. Audiobook CD, 2014.
  • Insomnia. King, Stephen, 1947-
  • Lynch. a Gothik Western.
  • Neverwhere. Gaiman, Neil.
  • The Stand. King, Stephen, 1947-

Is Pennywise mentioned in Dark Tower?

The Dark Tower contains several Stephen King Easter eggs, including a reference to Pennywise the Clown from IT, who has several connections to Mid-World. The Dark Tower is the center of all creation, as well as the space-time continuum, and was created by Gan, King’s equivalent of God.

Is Pennywise in Dark Tower?

Pennywise’s portrait can also be seen in The Dark Tower: Fall of Gilea, and “Pennywise” is written on the amusement park ride in the 2017 film Dark Tower, which claims to be the “Eater of Worlds” like the Crimson King.

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Will There Be Dark Tower 2?

Because there will be no sequel to The Dark Tower, take a look at this alternative.

Is Pennywise the Crimson King?

Pennywise is almost certainly a physical manifestation of the Crimson King, and you had no idea that while you were watching him scare a bunch of kids, he was also a cosmic spider-god attempting to destroy all of creation.

Is Dark Tower worth reading?

I really liked it, but I didn’t care for most of books five and six. I recommend reading the first four if you’re interested in epic fantasy and want to read something different than your typical swords and sorcery tropes. If you like the first four, you probably owe it to yourself to finish the series.

Will Dark Tower movie spoil the books?

Because it’s supposed to be a continuation from the end of the last book, it won’t spoil anything in the books; you can watch it now or wait until you’ve finished the series; it won’t spoil anything in the books, but it might be cool to wait and watch it last, like the movie is the last book.

Is The Dark Tower a horror book?

The Dark Tower is a series of eight books and one short story by American author Stephen King that incorporates themes from various genres, including dark fantasy, science fantasy, horror, and Western, and tells the story of a “gunslinger” and his quest for a tower, both literal and metaphorical.

Is Dark Tower movie like the book?

Unlike other adaptations, The Dark Tower is not a retelling of one of the original books, but rather an expansion, incorporating elements from the entire series while abandoning others and tweaking even more.

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