What Are Town Record Books?

Historic Records & Books

The Town of Southampton published eight volumes of municipal records from 1874 to 1930, with documents dating from 1639 to the official records of 1927. William S. Pelletreau (1840-1918) was in charge of editing and transcribing the earliest records and documents.
The third book of Southampton Town records, edited by William S. Pelletreau, covered the years 1717 to 1807. A fourth book of records, edited by Town Clerk William J. Post, covered the years 1717 to 1807. The fifth volume included the establishment of the first school districts as well as a list of Civil War veterans. The sixth book of Southampton Town records, edited by William S. Pelletreau, covered the years 1717 to 1807.

What is a town record book?

The Town Record book has 50 pages for the Annual Town Meeting record, 200 pages for the Town Auditor’s Meeting record, and 70 pages for miscellaneous meetings and special records. This book eliminates the need for a separate Town Auditor’s Record because all of the regular Town business can be kept in this book.

What is the purpose of a record book?

The purpose of your Record Book is to provide you with a detailed description of your year’s work. It is a personal journal used to keep track of all of the meetings, activities, and fun you will have in this 4-H project.

What is book of Record?

BOOKS OF RECORD are all required entries into documents that track activity, events, or decisions relating to the subject for which the records are kept, such as board of director minutes, births or deaths, and marriage licenses.

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What is a record book and why would you need one?

The record book’s purpose is to keep track of everything you do during the 4-H year, demonstrating what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown as a result of your participation in the program. Use your record book to reflect on your progress throughout the year.

What makes a record official?

“Official records” are records that have the legally recognized and judicially enforceable quality of establishing some fact, policy, or institutional position or decision, as well as the single official copy of a document kept on file by an administrative unit of the University, which is usually, but not always, the original.

What is a recorded list of books called?

Many spoken word albums were made prior to the age of cassettes, compact discs, and downloadable audio, often of poetry and plays rather than books, and many audiobooks (or talking books) were made.

What is a book of record for a business?

All files, documents, instruments, papers, books and records relating to the Company’s business or condition, including financial statements, internal reports, Tax Returns and related work papers and letters from accountants, budgets, pricing guidelines, ledgers, journals, deeds, title deeds, title deeds, title deeds, title deeds, title deeds, title deeds, title deeds, title deeds, title deeds

What are the three main types of records?

Types of documents

  • Financial records.
  • Legal records.
  • Personnel records.
  • Progress records.
  • Miscellaneous records.
  • Correspondence records. Correspondence records may be created inside the office or received from outside the office.
  • Miscellaneous records.

How do you record transactions?

Journal entries are the most basic method of recording a transaction, in which the accountant manually enters the account numbers, debits, and credits for each individual transaction. Because this method is time-consuming and prone to error, it is typically reserved for adjustments and special entries.

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What does ibor mean?

For more than 40 years, interbank offered rates (IBORs), particularly the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), have been a fact of daily life for the global financial services industry. The upcoming phase-out of the interbank lending rate (IBOR) means big changes to financial services u2013 but few firms are prepared.

How do you make a record book?

Michigan State University Extension has some helpful hints for making the process of filling out your record book a success.

  1. Call a friend.
  2. Be thorough and complete.
  3. Start early.
  4. Personalize it.
  5. Document.
  6. Take notes.
  7. Cleanliness counts.
  8. Be thorough and complete.

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