What Are The Best Hellblazer Com Ic Books?

The Greatest John Constantine Hellblazer Stories

Last week, “Hellblazer” returned to comic book stories for the first time since the original Vertigo Comics series ended in 2013 with issue #300, and CBR highlights the ten best “Hellblazers” stories.

10 “Hard Time”

Azzarello’s gritty artwork made the pages feel grimy from the prison life depicted in this story, which was marked by its violence, not to mention its viciousness.

9 “Haunted”

“Hellblazer” #134-139 (by Warren Ellis and John Higgins). “Haunted,” drawn by John Higgins, was a dense and complex story full of dark turns, but what is particularly impressive is how unexpectedly beautiful the story becomes at times.

8 “Original Sins”

‘Hellblazers’ #1-9 (by Jamie Delano, John Ridgway, and Alfredo Alcala); the Damnation/Crusade story was actually concluded in ‘Hellblazers’ #10.

7 “Rake at the Gates of Hell”

The battle between Constantine and the “First of the Fallen” was the highlight of this volume, with Steve Dillon delivering his consistently strong, character-driven artwork that has made him such a great artistic pairing.

6 “The Family Man”

Constantine becomes obsessed with apprehending a serial killer in this arc.

5 “Fear and Loathing”

“Hellblazer” was a loosely connected series of stories that showed John Constantine gradually losing control of his life, as one of his best friends paid the ultimate price for being friends with John Constantine once again.

4 “All His Engines”

“Hellblazer: All His Engines,” like the film, was intended to be a one-off introduction to John Constantine. The demon Beroul held Tricia’s soul almost as collateral to force Constantine to work on his behalf.

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3 “Hold Me”

The story of a ghost who craves human companionship is told in “Hellblazer” #27, written by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. Constantine, as the Hellblazer, has his own selfish needs — can he put them aside to help others?

2 “Newcastle: A Taste of Things To Come”

In “Newcastle,” Delano and artists Richard Piers Rayner and Mark Pennington showed a stunning flashback to the time when a young John Constantine ended up with the first damned soul on his conscience, and it was a devastatingly powerful issue that gave amazing insight into Constantine’s character.

1 “Dangerous Habits”

“Hellblazer” #41-46 (by Garth Ennis, Will Simpson, Mark Pennington, Tom Sutton, and Malcom Jones III), which served as the basis for the “Constantine” film and is still considered the best Hellblazer story.

Is Hellblazer comic good?

Hellblazer, like most Vertigo comics, is not for children; it’s a horror-mystery story with disturbing monsters, morally dubious characters, and other adult content; I’d recommend it for ages 15 and up, but that’s just me.

Which Constantine comic should I read?

Personally, I’d recommend reading the entire Saga of the Swamp Thing, as Moore, Totleben, and Bissette create one of the best DC Comics of all time here, but if you just want Constantine in his first appearance glory, start with Book Three of the collections.

Who is the best Hellblazer writer?

The Best Hellblazer Stories by John Constantine

  • 3 “Hold Me”
  • 4 “All His Engines”
  • 5 “Fear and Loathing”
  • 6 “The Family Man”
  • 7 “Rake at the Gates of Hell”
  • 8 “Original Sins”
  • 9 “Haunted” “Hellblazer” #134-139 (by Warren Ellis and John Higgins)
  • 10 “Hard Time” “Hellblazer” #146-150 (by Brian Azzarello and Richard Co
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Is swamp thing a good comic?

Swamp Thing, by Scott Snyder and later writer Charles Soule, is perhaps the single best New 52 comic, as well as one of the longest-running.

How do you read Sandman comics?

Order of Reading in the Sandman Comics

  1. The Doll’s House. Collects: Sandman #9 To #16.
  2. Dream Country. Collects: Sandman #17 To #20.
  3. Season of Mists. Collects: Sandman #21 To #28.
  4. A Game of You.
  5. Fables and Reflections.
  6. Brief Lives.
  7. World’s End.

How many Constantine comics are there?

Book Series ( 11 Books ) of the John Constantine Graphic Novel Series

Was Constantine a comic book?

Constantine is a former ongoing comic book series published by DC Comics that began in March 2013. It features British magician John Constantine, who has been reintroduced into the DC Universe, and replaces the former Vertigo Comics title Hellblazer, which ended after 25 years in February 2013 with its 300th issue.

How powerful is John Constantine?

To begin with, he possesses no superhuman abilities; instead, Constantine possesses a vast understanding of Earth’s magical forces and how to manipulate them to his advantage; however, he wasn’t always as powerful as he is now.

Is Hellblazer finished?

The relaunched series, written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Aaron Campbell, picks up after the events of the 1990 miniseries The Books of Magic. Hellblazer debuted as a one-shot on Halloween 2019, then became a regular series in November, before being cancelled after 12 issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How many issues are in Hellblazer?

It was relaunched as Constantine: The Hellblazer by a new creative team, with the goal of returning to “the core tenets of [Constantine’s] character,” and it ran for thirteen issues.

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